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Chapter 10 Quiz

After the War of 1812, the U.S. experienced what period that featured greater national pride and unity, and only one major political party? Era of Good Feelings
Support for what was the strongest where, because there were more factories there than in where? Support for tariffs (taxes on imported goods) was the strongest in the North because there were more factories there in the South
Spain ceded, or gave up, Florida to the U.S. in what treaty after deciding it could not protect Florida from American attacks? Adams-Onis Treaty
The U.S. issued the what in 1823, warning European nations not to try to get further involved in Latin America? Monroe Doctrine
Raised in poverty, who rose to fame as a military hero and eventually came to be known as the first "common man's President"? Andrew Jackson
Because no candidate received a majority of the electoral votes, the 1824 Presidential election had to be decided in where? The House of Representatives
Jackson's supporters complained that John Quincy Adams had won the election by makinga "corrupt bargain" with who, that used his influence as Speaker of the House to help Adams win the election, then was named to be the secretary of state? Henry Clay
"Suffrage means what? The right to vote
During the Age of Jackson, suffrage was extended to most who, but was not given to who or who? Suffrage was extended to most adult white males but was not given to African Americans or women
By 1836, anti-Jackson forces had combined to form a new political party called what? Whigs
Before the 1830s, a party's members of Congress chose their presidential candidate in a closed meeting called what? Caucus
Starting in the 1830s, the political parties held large national what of party members to select their candidates? Held large national nominating conventions
Jackson defended the practice of replacing government workers with supporters of the winning candidate, which came to be known as what? The "Spoils System"
In the early 1800s the five major Native American tribes in the Southeast U.S were what? Creek, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Seminole, and Choctaw
Many government leaders and white settlers wanted to relocate Native Americans from the fertile lands of the Southeast to a less desirable area west of what, called "Indian Territory", in what is now Oklahoma? A less desirable area west of the Mississippi River
President Jackson ignored a Supreme Court ruling and said what Act gave him the authority to move Native Americans west of the Mississippi River? The Indian Removal Act
What refers to the route along which thousands of Cherokees died while being forced to march hundreds of miles to their new home under terrible conditions? The Trail of Tears
Many members of what nation chose to remain in Florida and fight against the U.S. army rather than be relocated to the west? Members of the Seminole nation
Created by: edensdumervil51