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Grade 6

The Legacy of Ancient Greece

Which word in English comes from the Greek letters alpha and beta? alphabet
What is one important idea that Greeks gave to the English language? Greek roots, grammar, punctuation, paragraphs
What are the two types of drama that Greeks invented? comedy and tragedy
What idea about government came from the Athenians, and is the foundation for the United States' government? democracy
What expectation is part of our legal system because it was started in Greece? people serve on a jury
Hippocrates believed that diseases had natural causes, what did the people of Greece believe? Diseases were punishment from gods or godesses
Doctors make a promise to be honest, preserve life, and respect privacy. What is this oath called? Hippocratic Oath, after the "Father of Medicine," Hippocrates
What did the Greeks discover about the human heart? heart pumps blood through the body
They also discovered the function of the brain in what system? center of the nervous system
Which Greek word means "to measure land"? geometry
Why was geometry important? farming, how to lay out a city
The word astronomy comes from the Greek word for ____________________? star
Who first suggested that the Earth moves around the sun? Aristarchus, a great astronomer
Which Greek word means "writing about the Earth? geography
Who was able to locate places on Earth relative to the stars? Mapmakers, also called cartographers
The Greeks developed a system to locate exact places, what did they create? the use of latitude and longitude
What was found to cause the reproduction of plants? seeds
How were some plants used? medicine
Aristotle organized animals into groups with and without backbones, what are these groups called? vertebrates, invertebrates
The word for "master builder" is from a Greek word, what is it? architecture
Many styles of Greek architecture can be found in public buildings today, which structures might reflect this style? government buildings, schools, churches, libraries, museums
What is the Greek word that means "viewing place"? theater
Theaters were built in what shape? semi-circles
The Olympic games that began in Greece were originally to honor which god? Zeus
What is the word that means "five contests"? pentathlon
What is one reason that the Aegean sea helped the Greek economy? ability to travel and trade along coastline and Aegean islands
What physical feature makes up about 80% of Greece? mountains
Which is the tallest and most famous mountain? Mt. Olympus
About how many of the Greek islands were in the Aegean Sea? over 1000
What is the climate of ancient Greece like? hot summers, mild winters
Which chapter would you find this information in about the legacy of ancient Greece? History Alive, Chapter 31
Created by: mdlk5
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