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History 2 midterm

Scalawags Planters and farmers who believed that the R party would be more helpful
Carpetbaggers Admired the south as a new frontier
Redeemers Thought school was unnecessary
Homestead Gave free land for 5 years
Vertical/horizontal Take over all businesses or all competitors
Muckrakers Corrupted food and drugs. Wanted regular inspections to lower disease and infections
Clubwomen Women went to talk about their thoughts on politics and outlawed alcohol
10% plan Everystate had to have interest in joining again to become a state
Saftey valve Soend money on the public so they dont revolt
Manifest destiny Us can take over the whole continent
Cornering market Control the flow of a good to increase the price
Eclectic Pulls from several designs
Isolationism Involved in own affairs
White mans burden Responsibility to civilize others
Great migration Huge infux of aa from south to north
Created by: Bernadette31