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CJ team


What is the Mandate of Heaven? The way dynasties got in power
What does GDP measure? The productivity of the country
What type of sentence is this? After we went to the zoo, my mom bought us ice cream. complex
What type of conjunction is in a complex sentence? Subordinating Conjunctions
Which three religions/philosophies were common in China during the Tang dynasty? Buddhism, taoism, and Confucianism
What type of clause does a simple sentence have? independent
Which dynasty constructed thousands of terracotta soldiers to be buried with their emperor? Qin
Who ruled the Yuan Dynasty? Kublai khan
What type of sentence is this? My dog ate my homework! simple
A compound-complex sentence has what types of conjunctions? Subordinating Conjunctions and fanboys
What is communism? Where the government owns everything
What are the parts of a simple sentence? Independent clause
Why did the Qin Dynasty begin constructing the Great Wall of China? To keep out invaders
What type of sentence is this? Ms. Eitsert plays basketball and she is pretty good. Compound sentence
True or False: A simple sentence has a conjunction False
A compound sentence has what type of conjunction? fanboys
True or False: The Silk Road was at its height during the Han Dynasty. true
What types of clauses does a compound sentence have? (how many of each) both one each
What type of sentence is this? Since we were going to be late, my mom took us to breakfast and we also stopped by Starbucks. compound complex
True or False: The Zhou Dynasty invented the magnetic compass True
Explain the Chinese dynastic cycle. It shows how dynasties go and leave
The Han Dynasty traded upon which important trade route? silk road
What types of clauses does a compound-complex sentence have? How many of each? both 2 independent, one dependent
Which dynasty invented gunpowder? tang
Created by: Jonathon89p