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Chpt. 6 Sec. 1 and 3

What is a monsoon? a strong wind that blows one direction in winter and the opposite direction in summer. The winter monsoon brings the cold, dry air of the mountains. The summer monsoon brings warm, wet air from the Arabian Sea, which produces drenching rains.
What is Sanskrit? The Aryan's first written language.
What is a pilgrim? People who often used the trade routes to travel to a religious shrine or site.
Who is Kalidasa? An important writer from the Gupta period is who wrote plays, poems, love stories, and comedies. His most popular poem, The Cloud Messenger, described the good qualities of the landscape of India.
What is a raja? A tribe leader who ran their own small kingdoms, which often fought among themselves.
What are the Himalayas? The highest mountains in the world.
Who is Asoka? Mauryan Dynasty's greatest king who hated war and bloodshed, so then devoted his life to the teachings of Buddha.
What is a caste? A social group that someone is born into and cannot change.
Who is Chandragupta Maurya? An Indian prince who founded the Mauryan Dynasty and also conquered and united almost all of Northern India.
What is a stupa? Buddhist shrines that have the shape of a dome or mound.
What is India's River Valley? Two very fertile river valleys. Both are fed by the mountains in the north. When the snow in the Himalaya melts, water flows into the Ganges River and the Indus River. If the water is controlled, the land near these rivers can be used for farming.
What was India's earliest civilizations? When the Indus River was flooded by a monsoon, it left rich soil, which was used by farmers to make crops and made money. They then built larger houses and cities with their wealth from the crops. They then evolved into a civilization.
Why did Harappa collapse? Possible earthquakes and floods damaged the city. Then the Indus River changed its course, which caused death for many and fleeing for others.
What were the Aryans' way of life? Raised and herded animals in Central Asia, and were great warriors, which helped them to invade many villages.
What was a caste system? They dictate what job you will have, whom you can marry, and with whom you can eat or drink. Created either because light-skinned people considered themselves better than the dark-skinned people, or because it helped people stay in control.
What were Asoka's achievements? History's first great Buddhist king, built hospitals for people and animals, built new roads, shelters, and trees, sent Buddhist
What was the Mauryan dynasty's type of government? A dynasty in which the rulers ran everything from a capital city.
What was the Gupta Empire? An empire founded by Chandragupta. His empire united almost all of northern India, and became wealthy from trade.
What was the Panchatantra? Tales that used animal characters to teach morals and present lessons from life.
What was Mahabharata? Stories that contain many of the central beliefs in Hinduism. They provide important religious and moral lessons.
What were the Indian mathematics? Aryabhata was the leading mathematician of the Gupta Empire. Guptas created symbols for #s 1-9. Early Indians made mathematical algorithms.
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