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Chapter 9

Authentication •The process of verifying that the identity of the person operating the computer matches that of the user account the person is using to gain access. ◦To be authenticated the user must provide a piece of info associated with that user
Authorization •The process of granting an authenticated user a specific degree of access to a specific computer or data resources. The user account provides access to permissions that grant the human user access to files and folders, printers, and other resources
Homegroup • a simplifies networking paradigm that enables users connected to a home network to share the contents of their libraries without the need for creating user accounts and permissions.
Workgroup a collection of computers that are all peers. A peer network is one in which every computer can function as both a server by sharing its resources with other computers, and a client by accessing the shared resources on other computers.
Domain A collection of computers that all utilize a central directory service for authentication and authorization.
Local user Profile Profile that Windows 7 automatically creates when each user logs on at the computer for the first time. The local user profile is stored on the computer’s local hard disk.
Roaming User Profile A copy of a local user profile that is stored on a shared server drive, making it accessible from anywhere on the network.
Mandatory User Profile A roaming profile that users cannot change. Administrators use mandatory user profiles to enforce particular desktop settings for individuals or for a group of users.
Standard User Account System displays a credential prompt where administrative account info must be entered.
Administrative Account Switches from standard user token to administrative token. Generates an elevation prompt.
Directory Service which is a collection of logical objects that represent various types of network resources, such as computers, applications, users, and groups.
Domain Controller Domain Server is called this. Each of the computers then joins the domain and is represented by a computer object. In the same way, administrators create user objects that represent human users
Domain User Accounts Provide access to network resources Provide the access token for authentication Are created in Active Directory services on a domain controller.
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