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US-Trails West Notes

Study Guide for Chapter 11 - Trails West Test

Who founded a fur-trading outpost at the mouth of the Columbia River? John Jacob Astor
The Second Great Awakening caused which two missionaries to go to Oregon in 1836? Marcus and Narcissa Whitman
What disease caused many Indian children to die, so the Cayuse Indians sought revenge by killing the whites around the Whitman Mission? Measles
If you were starting out on the Oregon Trail, what city would you leave from? Independence, Missouri
If you were starting out on the Oregon Trail, when would you begin the trip? Late Spring
What were the five challenges for travelers on the Oregon Trail? Shortages of food, water, and supplies; Rough weather; Natural barriers like rivers and mountains; Accidents; Cholera and diseases
Where did the Oregon Trail end? Willamette Valley
How did most people travel the 2000 miles of the Oregon Trail? Walked
What split from the Oregon Trail in southern Idaho? California Trail
What was the key to getting to California? Getting there before the first snow hit the Sierra Nevada mountains
What was the name of the group who did not make it over the Sierra Nevada mountains and had to spend the winter in the mountains? Donner Party
The Santa Fe Trail connected what two cities? Independence, Missouri and Santa Fe, New Mexico
Who were the main travelers on the Santa Fe Trail? Businessmen
What did Joseph Smith begin in 1830? Mormon Church
What is another name for the Mormon Church? Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
What socially unacceptable belief kept the Mormons moving from New York to Ohio to Missouri and to Illinois? Polygamy
Who was murdered in Illinois in 1844? Joseph Smith
Who became the head of the Mormon Church and took his followers to Salt Lake City, Utah? Brigham Young
Who discovered gold in California in 1848? James Marshall
Where was gold discovered in California in 1848? Sutter's Mill
When did more than 100,000 people "rush" to California to find gold? 1849
Which California city grew from 800 to 25,000 people in two years? San Francisco
What was the name of the preferred method of searching for gold where the gold was washed from loose gravel alongside streams and rivers? Placer Mining
Most people did not make fortunes by finding gold, instead they made a good living by... supplying the miners
Many immigrants from what country came to California between 1849 and 1853? China
What was the end result for California of the population increase by the gold rush? Statehood
Created by: ColbyHistory