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Industry, Cotton, Slavery, Sectionalism, Nationalism

What were the 4 effects of the Cotton Gin? More cotton, more slavery, western movement/more industry in North, Planter controlled society
What were the 4 common factors in most slaves lives? Work, Religion, Resistance, Family
What were the 4 new innovations? Lowell mills, factory system, interchangeable parts, erie canal
Who invented the Cotton Gin? Eli Whitney
Who invented the Mechanical Reaper? Cyrus McCormick
Who invented the Steel Plow? John Deere
Who invented the telegraph? Samuel Morse
Who first successfully used the steamboat? Robert Fulton
Who came up with Interchangeable parts? Eli Whitney
When was the Cotton Gin invented? 1793
What were the 4 parts of southern society and which was the largest? Planters, non-slave-owning whites (largest group), fee blacks, slaves.
6 Factors increasing Nationalism War 1812, American System, SC cases, new boundaries, Era of Good Feelings, Transportation
2 Factors increasing Sectionalism Economic differences, Expansion of Slavery
Missouri Compromise by Henry Clay, Maine come in as a free state, Missouri a slave state, no slavery above 36'30
Lowell Mills Textile mills in Mass. that employed mainly young girls who lived at the factory sight
Nationalism Loyalty to your nation
Sectionalism Loyalty to your section or state
American System Henry Clay plan--Tariff, National Bank, Transportation
Erie Canal New York waterway between the Hudson River and Lake Erie. Improve transportation between North and West
James Monroe 5th President-issues Monroe Doctrine and president during Era of Good Feelings
Monroe Doctrine 1823-America warn Europe to stay out of Western Hemisphere and they will stay out of European affairs.
Racism Economically based, begins in the era of colonization, supported by prejudice, supports slavery and later segregation
Mary Kies First woman to apply for a US Patent for a new method of weaving thread and straw for hats
Slave Families Often split apart by sale of family members
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