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World War 2 - ZER

Louisiana stuff

True or False? More women entered the work force during World War II than at any other time in history. true
What was the purpose of blackouts during World War II? to keep enemy planes from seeing the cities
What wartime industry was established in Ruston? egg dehydration
Why did so many farm jobs in Louisiana disappear after World War II? machines placed the workers in the fields
Where did the D-Day invasion take place? Normandy, France
Identify ways did Louisiana citizens help the war effort. Boy Scouts delivered blackout booklets, Schools collected scrap, Showed support for troops, USOs provided entertainment
Describe V-E day. the day that is celebrated, May 8th, for Germany's surrender; this meant victory in Europe
Describe V-J day. the day that is celebrated as Victory over Japan, August 15th; Japan surrendered after we dropped the atomic bombs on them
Why did the United States join World War 2? Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
Describe rationing. Consumption of scarce supplies or resources was limited
Describe victory gardens. gardens planted by families that provided over 40% of the country's fresh vegetables
What were the extra security measures taken after the bombing of Pearl Harbor? Bridges, city water supplies, and defense plants were put on extra guard
Identify the industries that thrived during World War 2. Sugarcane, cotton, & rice; Petrochemicals; War items (shell casings, tanks to hold gas, armored tank parts)
Identify items rationed during World War 2. tires, sugar, meat, shoes
What part did Louisiana play in D-Day? boats used were built here in New Orleans
What resource contributed to a post-World War II economic boom in Louisiana? oil
Describe the economic shift seen in Louisiana after World War 2. shifted from agriculture to industry
When was the bombing of Pearl Harbor? December 7, 1941
What Louisiana parish served as a headquarters for a “mock war” during World War II? De Soto
The air field that was an important training center during World War II was Barksdale
What was the purpose of the Louisiana Maneuvers? to prepare the men to go into war; to access weaknesses
Who was Andrew Higgins? owner of the largest ship building operation; Higgins Boats - used in the D-Day invasion
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