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Unit 5

History WWII

Political party Germans turned to during the GD the Nazi Party
What did Japan do to recover from the GD? took control of resources in China
What was the US response to German aggression in the 1930s? didn't want another war, used appeasement
What was the Neutrality Act of 1939? allowed nations to buy US goods but they had to in cash and carry the goods on their own ships
What was the Atlantic Charter? joint declaration by Great Britain and the United States that endorsed self determination and international system of general security
Why did FDR place an embargo on Japan in 1940? to stop Japanese expansion
What was the purpose of the Office of War Mobilization? to strengthen government information services at home and abroad
What was the "Europe First" strategy? allies sent troops to Europe to defeat Hitler because he was a greater threat
What was the effect of the Battle of Midway? it was the turning point of the war in the Pacific because it stopped Japanese expansion
Zoot Suit Riots in Los Angles the military fought with Mexican Americans in Los Angles
Executive Order 9066 order by FDR that designated certain areas as war zones from which anyone could be removed for any reason
Why did Stalin want the Allies to open up a second front in Europe in 1943? so that Great Britain and the United States would carry more of the military burden in Europe, forcing Germany to divide its troops
Truman's decision-atomic bomb or invasion- What were the details? invasion would cause the loss 1,000,000 American deaths and Truman ethical issues didn't outweigh American lives
What were the Nuremberg Laws? laws enacted by Hitler that denied German citizenship to Jews
What country did MacArthur oversee after WWII? Japan
Why were Italy and Japan upset about the Treaty of Versailles after WWII? Italy and Japan thought they deserved more land for their sacrifices
What dictator outlawed political parties in Italy in the 1930s? Benito Mussolini
Why did the League of Nations not stop aggression by Germany, Italy, and Japan in the 1930s? the League of Nations had no army and no real power, during the GD members lacked resolve
What was the purpose of FDR's 'Four Freedoms Speech"? to say that Nazi and Japanese militarism threatened freedom of speech, of worship, from want, and from fear
Who was winning WWII in 1940? Germany and Italy
How did support for the Allies change after FDR was reelected in 1940? more people supported the allies and support FDRs stance after he was reelected
Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor? to eliminate US naval and air presence in the Pacific so the US would not be able to fight Japanese expansion and would stay out of the war
What did the US do after Pearl Harbor? declared war on Japan
What group was the highest in Hitler's ethnic group hierarchy? aryans
What were the results of WWII? the United Nations is created, Japan becomes a democratic government, Germany was split up, US and Soviet Union became superpowers
What was decided at the 1942 Wannsee Conference? Nazi leaders made the decision to move toward Hitler's final solution, a plan was outlined to kill 11,000,000 Jews
What was the effect of the Battle of Stalingrad? ended any realistic plans Hitler had of dominating Europe, the Soviet Union went on offense
What was the effect of the Battle at Kasserine Pass during WWII? American leaders realized that they needed aggressive officers and better trained troops
What was the fate of the aircraft carriers during the Pearl Harbor attack? they were not in the harbor and escaped without damage
How did the war affect the US economy? more people had jobs so the economy was being stimulated
Who founded the Fascist Party? Benito Mussolini
How did Allied bombing of Germany in 1942 change the war? paved the war to an all out Allied offense
Effect of the Battle of Midway? ended the Japanese advance in the Pacific, put Japan on defense
How did WWII affect women in the workforce? allowed women to find jobs that were outside of the usual realm
How did WWII change the lives of african americans? they found work with defence employers in abundance, they started to demand an end to discrimination
What was the purpose of the OPA(Office of Price Administration)? keep inflation from happening by setting controls on prices and wages
Effect of the D-Day invasion Allies gained a foothold in France and gotten closer to the Berlin
Effect of the Battle of the Bulge Germany's resources and troops were used up
Reaction of Japanese forces the closer the US moved toward Japan prefered to kill themselves rather than surrender
Why were many Jews prevented from leaving Germany? countries wouldn't accept migration because of the depression so many were sent back to Germany
What was Hitler's "Final Solution"? genocide of the Jews
Largest of the Nazi death camps Auschwitz
Why was the US limited in its response to the Holocaust? all its resources and troops were focused on defeating Hitler
Potsdam Conference outcome formalized the decision to split Germany, new borders, free elections for Poland, Soviet Union had the right to claim reparations for war damages, Stalin reaffirmed his pledge to enter the war against Japan
What two nations emerged from WWII the strongest? the Soviet Union and the United States
Created by: opal.eddy
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