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FA SS 10

Continental Climate The climate of a continent’s interior
Maritime Climate A coastal climate, usually referring to the West Coast
Convection The upward movement of warm air
3 Types of Precipitation: 1. Orographic 2. Convectional 3. Frontal
Biome An ecological community of plants and animals extended over a large area
Interdependent Being dependent on each other
System A group of things that interact with each other, and together form a whole (a complete unit or community)
Coniferous trees Evergreen trees; trees that do not shed their leaves during the winter
Humus The remains of decomposed plants in soil
Erosion The wearing away by action of wind, water or ice
ecology The study of the natural environment, how plants and animals relate to each other and non-living things in their environment.
Grant Property given without cost
Earl Title given to a person and his family in England by a King or Queen that included property
Pemmican A mixture of dried buffalo meet, buffalo fat and wild berries
Manifest Destiny A belief among the leaders and citizens of the U. S. that God wanted them to expand their country – even north.
Survey land To cut up land into lots so people get equal sized pieces – there are lines to show boundaries
Provisional Government A temporary government
Negotiate To talk over important issues with the purpose to come to some agreement that will satisfy most everyone.
Insubordination Disobedience to a lawful authority
Treason To arm against or betray your own country
Métis A mixed blood people – mostly French and First Nations
Rank Status; position in a group
Stand types of trees covering an area
Potlatch A traditional ceremony practiced by many aboriginal peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast.“Potlatch” is Chinook, meaning “to give.”The gifts of a potlatch are payments to those who witness a family ceremony, eg., a marriage.
Totem Pole A large red cedar log that is carved and depicts a family history using crests and designs owned by an individual family – primarily a Northwest Coast tradition.
Aboriginal First peoples in any given area; first nations
Cedar Wood from cedar trees found on the Northwest Coast that was strong and long lasting.
heir The next in line in a family who would receive title and property after father or mother died; usually the eldest child.
rivalry A competitive relationship between two people or groups; one attempting to outdo the other.
ceremonially with dignity, observing the occasion
shame a state of disgrace or dishonor
Habitation A place to stay
Concentration The measure of how many people there are relative to the space they occupy.
midden A heap of garbage, shells, or other debris
bilateral kinship Ancestry is reckoned through the mother’s and father’s families
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