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NC Finals S.S.

Unit 1-7 Review I and S

How did early Christianity spread around the world? A. Missionaries followed conquerors and colonists. B. Bibles were published in all languages. C. Christian sea captains sold fares to other Christians. D. European monarchs practiced the religion A
How did technology change communication in the late thirteenth century? A. It helped all citizens learn to read. B. It allowed people to quickly contact others around the world. C. It enabled people to get information about other places and idea C
The mountains of South America made farmland difficult A. They used terraced farming. B. They grew crops in the valleys. C. They used large farm animals to plow. D. They moved to a new area each growing season. A
Why did some ancient civilizations write and publish their laws? A. allow patricians and plebeians to read and vote for the laws. B. record the laws so historians would understand ancient culture. C. ensure that citizens would read and understand laws C
Societies adapted to their surroundings by irrigating and building dams. Why did they need to use these techniques? A. to decrease the overcrowding of crops B. to increase space for people to live C. to increase their farmland for growing crops C
How's oldest civilizations in Central and South America similar? A. They were large, but not well-organized. B. They were strongly influenced by Asian and African civilizations. C. They were the first to develop advanced societies in the area. C
Which statement shows how trade routes influenced ancient societies? A. As travel over land became easier, trade by water became unnecessary. B. As different civilizations traded goods, they also shared cultural values and beliefs. C. As trade develope B
Societies adapted to their surroundings by irrigating and building dams. Why did they need to use these techniques? To decrease the overcrowding of crops To increase their farmland for growing To decrease the numbers of animals on the land B
There were many advancements during the Age of Exploration. Which led to the settlement of the Americas? A. Better farming technology B. Better printing technology C. Better sailing technology D. Better military technology C
Which was a long-term effect of ancient trade routes? A. The spread of religions throughout the trade routes B. The spread of unifying systems of government C. Colonization of weaker nations along the trade routes D, Use of silk throughout ancient A
Created by: pettigv
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