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revoutions of latin

German and Italian unification and the revolution of Latin america

Risorgimento the Italian unification, also know as the resurgence
Congress of Vienna continued the regional division in Europe
conservative anti-enlightenment meaning that they didn't believe that the people had a power to say anything that they believed in.
liberal being liberal meant you believed in the enlightenment ideas, that people should all be treated the same.
revolutions of 1848 the idea of having regional divisions, foreign control, foreign rulers, and conservative monarchs, was something that the people didn't want and created liberalism to spread yet failed to reform.
nationalism a desire to have a unified nation
Giuseppe mazzini the one who had the idea of having a revolution. he's also known to be the heart because he believed in the enlightenment ideas and his ideas on creating a better nation brought his people closer to him
count cavour he was known to be the brains, this was because he could manipulate and convince his allies, basically becoming friends with them so they trust him then he could beat them in there weak spots.
Giuseppe garibaldi he was known to be the sword, because he is the leader of the army in the red shirts, and was able to take out the Spanish bourbons from the south part of Italy.
german confederacy was created to replace the holy roman empire, this was so they could make a stronger France with stronger nations around it
German empire created because the German confederacy rallied to support the Prussians in their war with France, and is headed by Wilhelm I
Wilhelm I the prussian king
Otto Von Bismarck known as the iron chancellor, he created the realpolitik
Franco-Prussian war(for Italy and Germany) the creation of the German state
realpolitik based on politics that should be based on practicality, efficiency, and efficacy rather than a sense of morality or idealism
mercantilism had a trade relationship with their European mother countries, the colonies mined and exported huge sums of precious metals back to Europe.
peninsulares people that came from Spain and came to colonies to serve the crown in colonial government as viceroys and colonial officers. they were also at the top of the rigid system.
criollos/ceroles they came after the peninsulares, and these were the children of the peninsulares, they were born in america and not in Europe, were not allowed to hold office but they did have a high standard of living.
mestizos came after the creoles and they were known to be the mixed ancestry( part European and Amerindian)
Amerindians under the mestizos, they were treated horribly, and were very poor.
Toussaint L'ouverture he led the push for an independent Haitian nation, created a slave rebellion throughout the Haitian colony, and slavery got abolished and independence was achieved.
father Miguel hidalgo he rallied the peasants in Spain to begin an independence movement, his dream was not realized( his dream was to have a more equal society and independence.
Simon bolivar know to be the liberator of northern part of south america and Bolivia, Columbia, Peru, and Ecuador. they actually gained independence
Monroe doctrine created by president James Monroe in 1823
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