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4-5.2 Groups Moving

Groups Moving Westward

Who moved into new territories before and after they were acquired by the U.S. government? Pioneers
What did their settlements help to do? Initiate and establish American claims to these lands, which were also claimed by other nations and Native Americans.
Americans began to justify their westward expansion with what idea? Manifest Destiny
What is Manifest Destiny? A God given right to expand and claim lands from coast to coast.
What other motives, besides nationalism, did the pioneers' exploration movement to the West include? Personal and economic oppurtunity.
What did most settlers travel in? Wagon trains
What group moved westward because there were a bounty of furs to be hunted in the vast wilderness of the West? Fur trappers
What could the fur trappers do with the furs they hunted? They could trade them in Europe for a profit.
What were some hardships the groups faced? Accidents, bad weather, limited food supply, broken axels on wagons, rough river crossings, sickness, bandits,
What group moved westward because there was a lot of inexpensive rich farmland that they could buy and grow crops on? Farmers
What group moved to Texas to get more land so they could plant cotton? Southerners
What group was looking to get rich quick and go back home to their families? Gold seekers
What group followed the miners and other people so they could supply them with food and other supplies? Merchants
Who settled in present day Utah to escape religious persecution and to have freedom of religion? Mormons
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