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6th Grade Kennedy

Social Studies

name 3 reasons why Italy was an ideal location to settle Central location, mild climate, river, mountain, etc.
Italy is a peninsula that is shaped like a ...that appears to be kicking... boot; Sicily
Name the River in Italy Tiber
What language is used extensively in the fields of medicine, law and every species of plants and animals? Latin
who did the Romans overthrow and then set up the republican form of government where people were treated fairly? Etruscans
what monarchy played a major role in shaping civilization until the Romans rebelled because of the cruel treatment of the people and set up the republican form of government? Tarquins
identify the mountains that protected Italy from northern invaders Alps
in the Roman Republic the Senate was part of the government that was made up of what group of people Patricians
in the Roman Republic, the ruling class and the top officials were the ... Patricians
who were the common people in the Roman Republic? They were farmers, artisans, and shopkeepers? plebeians
who ruled Rome with absolute power for a short period of time during emergencies ? dictator
two...were the head of the Roman Government and served for only one term consuls
what was a feature of the Roman government that prevented any one group or body of consolidating too much power? checks and balances
why did the plebeians go on strike in 494 BC ? They had to serve in the army and pay taxes, but they had no power in the government. They wanted equal rights.
who represented the plebeians in the Roman Republic tribunes
many Roman cities surrounded a ...marketplace and public square where government business takes place forum
what are latifundia? large farming estates
what is a legion? a group of 6,000 soldiers that were further divided into smaller more manageable groups than the phalanx
what were the twelve tables? the first written code of law that supported the ideal that all free citizens had the right to be treated equally in the Roman legal system and influenced the U.S. and other countries.
list 4 engineering marvels from ancient Rome domes, roads, aqueducts, arches
who did Rome fight in the Punic wars? Why? Roman fought Carthage in the Punic wars because they both wanted to control and trade the entire Mediterranean world
name five elements that contributed to the gradual fall of Rome poor leadership, attacked by invaders, declining economy, division into western and eastern empires and civil wars, and moral decay
what is the Justinian Code? Emperor Justinian ordered a group of legal scholars to organize the empire's laws, and this new legal code helped officials and businesspeople better understand the empire's laws.
The western portion of Europe fell when...people invaded from northern Europe Germanic
what is the Pax Romana? It started under whose leadership? two centuries of peace beginning with the rule of Augustus, "Roman Peace"
why did Julius Caesar create the First Triumvirate? to weaken the Senate and patrician class
what city in the Byzantine Empire was instrumental in the preservation of ancient Greek and Roman learning, architecture, and government? Constantinople
who was the Emperor who expanded the Roman Empire to its maximum size? Trajan
who ended the Roman Republic, established the rule of the emperors and brought peace to Rome? (Caesar Augustus) Octavius
who was the military hero and Rome's most famous leader responsible for initiating Rome's move away from a permanent dictatorship? Julius Caesar
what is the name of the Christian Church that was built during the Byzantine Empire and is decorated with mosaics? Hagia Sophia
Created by: tbostwick