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Texas History Final

Year Review

List the three branches of government. Judicial, Executive, Legislative.
Popular Sovereignty is when... the power lie with the people. People Say.
Bill of Rights is your... individual freedoms.
What happened in 1519? Pineda mapped the coast of Texas.
What happened in 1717? Mission San Antonio de Valero (Alamo) was built.
A person is nomadic when ... they move from place to place. (Indians were nomadic because they moved in search of food; bison)
What is a cash crop? Crops grown to sell, make money.
What were the provisions of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? Mexican Cession (land)
What are the four causes of the Civil War? 1. states' rights2. Sectionalism3. Slavery4. Economy
Moses Austin is studied in Texas History because... he was the only anglo to get a land grant from Spain in Texas.
Turtle Bayou Resolution is significant in Texas History because... Texas colonists pledged their loyalty to Mexico.
1861-1865 is ... the dates of the Civil War.
Union's economy is based on ... factories; industry.
The 19th admendment allowed... women to vote.
Progressivists fought for... reforms including sufferage, temperance, child labor and wages.
Two effects of the Great Depression were... unemployment and banks closing.