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isolationism Remaining apart from the affairs of other countries/groupS.
Who set up reconcentration camps? General Valeriano Weyler
What are reconcentration camps? Camps set up to deprive rebels of food and recruits
The Teller amendment was created for what purpose? To disclaim the intentions of adding Cuban territory to the United States
An arrangement made between Cuba and the United States Platt Amendment
What did the Platt Amendment do? Made Cuba promise to make no treaty with a foreign power
What are the open door notes? A series of notes where John Hay asked the powers to agree to respect trading rights of all countries
The open door notes led to...... The open door policy
What route was used for a canal connecting the Pacific ocean with the Caribbean sea? Panamanian Route
Who was rosevelts successor that created the dollar diplomacy? William Howard Taft
What "ammunition" was given to anti-imperialists during the phillipine insurrection? Tales of rape, arson and murder commuted by U.S. Troops
Why was the Spanish-American War fought? To free Cuba
What hit Hawaiian sugar growers hard? McKinley Tariff Act
Theodore Roosevelt was appointed secretary of the ___________. Navy
How many Americans were killed at Manilla Bay 0
It was a violation of the ______________ __ ______________ to govern a foreign territory without the inhabitants consent. Declaration of Independence
Most Cuban peasants lived in a state of __________. Peonage
What is peonage? Debt slavery
Manifest destiny is the Belief to expand from sea to sea
What did president Clevland use as his popular issue? He took the Venezuelan side of the boundary dispute with The British.
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