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us and middleeast bs

review geography me

In what date did saddam hussein invade the small country of kuwait. 1990
When was kuwait created. 1920
In febuary of 1991, What happened. Iraqs governmenthad agreed to atruce snd left kuwait
What did the american telligence find That the terrorist group responsible was al-qeaeda by osama bid ladin
Sources in the us government believed what of afganistans government. The taliban was allowing bin laden and his followers to hide out in the mountains of afganistan
How much is the american death toll. Is currently at 2,995
What happened on may 1, 2011. Navy seals raided osama bin ladens compounded in pakistan
What happened to osama bin laden. He was killed in the raid and his body was taken to afganistan for identification then buried at sea within 24 hours.
Created by: randallsnell