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lms history

mrs t's 7.1 north economy and life

one of the MOST significant contributions to the industrial development of the northeast during the 19th century was the development of coalfields and the construction of the Erie canal
(?) invented interchangeable parts and the cotton gin; and Samuel Morse invented the (?) Eli Whitney /Telegraph
What was a negative consequence of the Lowell mill? pollutants from the textile mill were dumped in the Concord river
what MOST likely accounts for the rapid industrialization of the United States and the continued growth of the economy innovations
the primitive sewage system in New York City would lead to the the outbreak of disease throughout the city
the cotton gin, the steamboat, and interchangeable parts were all part of what historical period the Industrial Revolution
The transcontinental Railroad had a negative impact on American Indians
What was first created to help Americans take advantage of major waterways in the 18th and 19th centuries the steam engine
This led many farmers, families, and young women to move to cities during the 19th century availability of factory jobs
What pull factor accounted for much of Chinese immigration to the United States in the mid-1800's an economic boom in the West
Why did increasing feelings of nativism accompany the growth of urbanization and industrialization in 19th century America Immigrants were crowding U.S. cities in search of jobs
After the War of 1812, changes in manufacturing accompanied what investment in transportation to accommodate the need to move American made goods
What effect did Eli Whitney's interchangeable parts have on U.S. manufacturing workers could assemble machines quicker
During the early 1800's industrialization in the North was encouraged by what the presence of natural resources
What was considered a benefit of the U.S. free enterprise system during the 1800's and 1900's that citizens could set market prices
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