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Indian Unit Test 1

Crossword Puzzle

Nationalism Feeling of loyalty to one's common culture; India's was heightened in the 1800s as a reaction to British control.
Democracy Because of India's large population, it is conssidered the world's largest _____________________.
World War II Evenet when Gandhi encouraged Indians not to choose sides; after this event the British granted independence to India.
Homespun Campaign Gandhi encouraged Indians to spin their own cloth every day for an hour to protest the British cotton cloth industry.
Microcredit Industry where loans are given in order to help start new businesses; investment in human capital.
Secular Keeping government and religion separate so one religion is not favored.
Muslim League Legislative body created to work toward Indian independence; members were primarily muslim.
Indian National Congress Legislative body created to work toward Indian independence; current legislative body in India.
Parliamentary Democracy Indian has this type of democracy led by a prime minister.
Bollywood The name of India's film industry.
Green Revolution Investment in human capital that trained farmers on new techniques and technology.
Partition Term for the division of India into a separate Hindue/Sikh region ad Muslim regions.
Gandh's March to the Arabian Sea An act of rebellion again the tax on salt by the British.
Caste System Way or organizing India's society into classes based on Hindu traditions; the belief is that one is born into a certain level. Hereditary or born into your case; social status
Outsourcing Practice of the US compainies hiring Indian employees to work customer service or reps at call centers.
World War I Event when Indians joined forces with the British hoping that they might be rewarded with more independence after the war.
Pakistan After independence, the new areas separated from Indian were East ad West _______________________________.
Mahatma Gandhi Indian leader who studied in London, worked in South Africa, and led India to Independence.
Violence This is not a part of Civil Disobedience.
Civil Disobedience Another phrase for non-violent non-cooperation or peaceful protest. Refusal to follow laws that are felt to be unjust; might result in jail time.
Federal Republic India is a _________________ meaning power is shared between the national and state governments and representatives are elected to government.
Agriculture Largest industry in India; 75% of the people are involved in this.
Muslim Pakistan consists of purely the Muslim religion.
English For Indian employees to participate in outsourcing companies they must speak _____________________.
Specialization To focus on a anarrow range of goods and services.
Amritsar Town where citizens were fired upon for assebling illegally according to the Rowan Act; this inspired Indians to rise up against unjust treatment.
Untouchables Another name for members of the Dalits. The lowest of the caste consisting of outcasts, street sweepers and latrine cleansers.
British The overwhelming cost of fightin World War II, led the ___________ to grant India independence.
1947 India gained their independence.
States Political divisions of India like Rajasthan, Uttar, Pradesh and Bihar.
Method MLK quote "Christ gave me the message; Gandhi gave me the __________.
Rupee India's currency. $1 = 67 rupees
Nehru First Prime Minister of India prior ot Gandhi.
Reincarnation The cycle of death, birth, and rebirth.
Parliament Legislative body that elects the prime minister.
Satyagraha Gandhi's term for the pursuit of truth through non-violence
1948 When did Ghandi die?
Shot three times How did Ghandi die?
Ganges Where Gandhi's ashes were returned to after his cremation.
Britain Took control of India as a colony in 1858.
Largest colonial territory with an abundance of natural resources. Why Britain want India as a colony?
Bhramin Is the highest ranking caste in the caste system consisting of priests and academics.
Kshatryia Second level in the cast system consisting of warriors and kings.
Vaishya Third level in the cast system consisting of merchants and landowners.
Sudra Next to the bottom level of the caste system consisting of commoners, peasants and servants.
True India struggles to produce enough food for India's growing population.
Hinduism Common themes in this religion are deities, reincarnation, vegetarian and cremation.
Buddhism Worship of the Buddha. Getting rid of selfish desires and focuses on mediation.
Created by: 200371966
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