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6th grade

Social Studies Southeast Asia

The people of SE Asia rely on _________, heavy yearly rains, for their ________________. monsoons rice fields
Many homes across the region are built with __________ that allow the houses to _______________. stilts avoid flooding
The rains are brought by ______________from the ____________. heavy winds southwest
__________ is the largest ____________country in the world. Indonesia Islamic
Traders and travelers bring their ________________with them to SE Asia. cultures and religious beliefs
Indonesia is the largest___________(group of islands) in the world, consisting of over 17,000 islands. archipelago
These archipelagos helped the region become a ______________. global trading network
European nations __________ Southeast Asia in an effort to _______________ (money). colonized gain resources
Coastlines along Indonesia experienced great _____________ in 2004 due to a massive _____________. devistation tsunami
When tectonic plates move undersea earthquake
A strait called the ______________________________ between Malaysia and Indonesia is a vastly important shipping lane. Malacca Strait
________________ farmers often modify (change) the environment to irrigate (water) rice crops. Vietnamese
_______________ once controlled Vietnam. When they left in 1954, two opposing governments replaced them. This was the beginning of the ________________ War. France Vietnam
The Vietnam War was a turning point in Southeast Asian _______________. immigration
The ____________ and _____________ accepted many additional immigrants (many from South Vietnam) due to the Vietnam War. USA Australia
The city-state of _____________ is ideally located because of its position on __________________. Singapore shipping routes
Singapore is a very _________________________ city because you will find many languages, cuisines, and religions. multi-national
_______ (Burma) has experienced almost 50 years of harsh control by ________________________. Myanmar military leaders
Today, a new leader named __________________looks to bring in democracy. She was in house arrest for many years. Suu Kyi
_________________, like the USA, is a democracy. The Philippines
_______________ is the capital of the Philippines. Manila
Manila's climate is _______________, similar to cities like Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. rainy
A symbol of religious and political history in _____________ is the temple at __________________. Cambodia Angkor Wat
The _____________ people are known as a ____________________ because their society influenced many others. Khmer seed culture
During World War II, most Southeast Asia nations were controlled by _______________. Japan
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