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6th SS Ch 7_s1

6th Grade Social Studies Chapter 7 Study continued

As more Europeans arrived in the Southern Colonies they build their settlement on Native American Land
German & Swiss settlers destroyed the _____ which started a 2 year war. Tuscarora Village
When the Tuscarora War ended how many Natives had been killed, captured or sold into slavery? 950
Natives were dying because of Fighting over land and European diseases
Slavery in the Southern Colonies lasted how many years? 300
Why did colonial leaders make slavery legal starting in the mid 1700s? More and more worked were needed
In the Southern Colonies, most enslaved Africans worked on Plantations
Slaves were not free to speak out against slavery, so this became their source of strength The Christian Religion
Plantations would not be possible without the labor of Enslaved people
Who were the richest people in the Southern Colonies? The Planters
It was illegal for slaves to learn to Read and Write
Most southern colonists live and worked on Small Farms
These products were grown to be sold Cash Crops
One of the worlds fastest sailing ships The Baltimore Clipper
Cash crops were sold to a Broker
The most successful plantations were located on Rivers and near ports
Farming was the most important part of the Southern economy followed by Forestry
This city became a major center for ship building Baltimore
These were used to ship everything from tobacco to rice. Large Wooden Barrels
Wilmington North Carolina was a major city known for Foresting, navel stores and saw mills
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