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SS Quiz

Chapter 13

What year was the quatering act? 1765
What was another name for British soldiers? Redcoats
What 4 changes happened as a result of the Quartering Act? 1/ colonists must house Redcoats 2/1768 colonists came to Boston and were treated unkind so they refused to obey Qtr Act (they set up tents) 3/Redcoats retaliated by setting up tents in Boston & were LOUD, RUDE 4/1770 CONFUSION Colonists bothered Briti
What happened during the Boston Massacre? 1/Confusion led to soldiers killing 5 innocent colonists 2/Event was reported inaccurately but Paul Revere created sketch of Redcoats firing on streets of an innocent crowd
What happened after Revereś picture circulated amongst the colonies? It made them all FURIOUS with the Redcoats. All colonies were mad at the redcoats which led to a war.
Continental Congress 1774 – delegates met... Philadelphia B. 12 colonies were represented C. decided to ban trade with Britain and to train soldiers(militia)
Define Patriot Colonist in favor of independence
Define Loyalist Colonist in favor of British rule
Define Minutemen American farmers ready to fight with a minute’s notice
What events happened during the First Battle - April 19, 1775 1/Patriots collected ammunition and stored it in Concord 2/British wanted to destroy the ammo. 3/Minutemen waited for Redcoats in Lexington (on the way to Concord). Both sides fired – 8 Patriots died 4/British marched on to Concord – wanted the ammo
The First Continental Congress is important because It helped unify the Colonies
There were many local ____________ made of regular citizens. MILITIAS
British troops set out for Concord to....... ARREST THE REBEL LEADERS AND TAKE THEIR WEAPONS
Paul Revere warned the colonists in _____________ that the British Redcoats are on the way. LEXINGTON
On ____________ the Minutemen were ready to face the Redcoats. APRIL 19, 1775
The militia numbered only_____ men against ____ of Redcoats. 60,100
Captain ________ ______advised the militia to not fire unless fired upon. JOHN PARKER
No one knows who fired the first shot, but it is known as.... THE SHOT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD.
With the death of 8 Patriots, the ____________ _______has begun. REVOLUTIONARY WAR
When the British reached____________ they found the arsenal but the colonists had moved the weapons. CONCORD
The colonists have greater success at Concord because .... THEY AMBUSHED THE REDCOATS AND RECRUITED MORE MINUTEMEN.
Where did the name Boston Tea Party come from? Angry merchants, disguised as Indians, threw tea into the Boston Harbor
Why were they so angry? Merchants were angry bc of the taxes they had to pay for tea
What Act imposed a tax on printed documents such as will, deeds, newspapers The Stamp Act
Why did the colonists have to provide a place stay and supplies for the British soldiers? Because of the Quartering Act
Taxes were levied(added) to goods that were IMported(came in from) England such as lead , paint, paper, tea Townshend Duties(another word for tax)
What is another word for tax? Duty
This act taxed sugar and Molasses Sugar Act
Who was Crispus Attucks? a Citizen(person who lived in) killed in the Boston Massacre
Where did the Boston Massacre take place? Boston
Who told what happened at the Boston Massacre in there opinion? and how? Paul Revere, drew a picture in favor of the Patriots
Why was the Intolerable Act created? As a way to punish the protesters in Massachusetts
Who warned us that the British Troops were coming? Paul Revere?
Who served as finance minister under Lord Chatham? Charles Townshend
Who created the idea of the Townshend duties? Charles Townshend
Who was the FIRST King of Great Britain(England) in 1760? King George the third
Who opposed(to fight against) the stamp act? Patrick Henry
What was Lord Chatham real name? William Pitt
Refered to as__________ ______________ 5 citizens were killed by the British troops in Boston. Boston Massacre
Who was the Prime Minister of England in 1764? George Grenville
Who was the Commander of the garrison(troops) in Boston? Thomas Gage
Who was it that opposed the Stamp Act? Patrick Henry
refuse to buy, sell or use a product boycott
overthrow a government by force revolution
name for government in England that consists of House of commons and lords Parliament
supporting or fighting a cause to win propaganda
person who uses force to oppose a govt rebel
to do away with a taxe repeal(take away)
to impose(add) taxu levy
army made up of citizens who serve during emergency militia
tax paid on products brought IN to a country duty
which act was repealed(taken away) by English Parliament? Stamp act
when did the colonists boycott English products? 1767
what happened after that? First Battle April 19, 1775
name an example of English Parliament that we have in USA Congress
Created by: jaqmurray
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