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Imperialism involves the extension of a nations's power over other lands.
bayonet constitution angered, the Hawaiian League forced King Kalakaua to sign a new constitution at gun point in July 1887. The king angrily called it________
spheres of influence European powers -Russia, France, Germany, and Great Britain - quickly carved out their own _________
Open Door Policy John Hay proposed the __________ in 1899.
Boxer Rebellion In July 1900 the Boxers laid siege to the capital city of Beijing in what became known as the _________
Russo-Japanese War In 1904 the ______________ broke out.
yellow journalism This style of sensationalist reporting became known as ________
de Lome letter The __________ ridiculed McKinley for being "weak and catering to the rabble."
Rough Riders The most famous volunteers were the _______ a regiment organized by Theodore Roosevelt after he left his navy post.
Battle of San Juan Hill For their heroic actions in the ________, six of the Buffalo Soldiers and two Rough Riders- including Theodore Roosevelt -received the Medal of Honor.
Platt Amendment As a result, the United States forced Cuba to include the __________- as part of its new constitution.
protectorate The Platt Amendment made Cuba a U.S. ________ a country under the contract and protection of another country.
Foraker Act The __________ of 1900 established that the United States would appoint Puerto Rico's governor and the upper house of its legislature.
Roosevelt corollary Roosevelt's 1904 extension of the Monroe Doctrine, stating that the United States has the right to protect its economic interests in South And Central America by using military force
dollar diplomacy Foreign policy created under President Taft that had the U.S. exchanging financial support ($) for the right to "help" countries make decisions about trade and other commercial ventures.
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