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LA French Louisiana

Who made France’s claim to the land that became Louisiana? La Salle
Who was honored by the name Louisiana? King of France - Louis XIV
How did young Bienville become the leader of the Louisiana colony? Upon the death of Sauvole
What were the reasons for Bienville’s failure as a leader? Competition for colonial dominance and lack of supplies
Which event under the governorship of Cadillac resulted in the creation of Code Noir? The introduction of slaves
Which Native American tribe was an ally of the British during the colonial period? Chickasaw
In what way did mercantilism affect the colony’s economic system? It prevented the colony from legally obtaining needed supplies from Spanish outposts
Why did King Louis XIV settle on the idea of proprietorship for the colony? Severe economic problems in France and lack of profitability in the colony
What is the term associated with the system of allowing individual businessmen to take control of a colony for profit? Proprietorship
Who was Sieur de Cadillac? Colonial governor appointed by Crozat
Why did so many of the early colonists achieve so little success as farmers? No agricultural experience
Which positive achievement can be credited to Cadillac? Promoted the cultivation of indigo and tobacco
What is the difference between a proprietorship and a joint-venture company? Investors
Why did the Company of the Indies generate so much profit in the early years? As the number of people wanting to invest rose, so did the price of the shares, creating a rise in the value of the company
What caused the Mississippi Bubble to burst? Expenses of the colony grew and it became impossible to maintain profit levels, so investors began to demand payments in cash. John Law left the country, taking all the investors’ money with him, so investors could not be paid.
Why is New Orleans nicknamed the Crescent City? New Orleans was built in a bend, or crescent, of the Mississippi River
Who built the city of New Orleans? Bienville
Why did the French order the Natchez off of their land? To create tobacco plantations for French officers
How did the relationship between the Choctaw and Chickasaw impact Louisiana history? The Chickasaw took in the survivors of the Natchez Uprising, resulting in a military campaign in which the French paid the Choctaw to fight their enemies, the Chickasaw
Why was Bienville replaced in 1743? He resigned and returned to France
What was one of Bienville’s major accomplishments? He founded New Orleans
Why was the colony often referred to as rogue? Defiance of French dictates (orders)
Why did the Germans wish to come to Louisiana? Escape warfare in their country
Why was it difficult to get people to settle in Louisiana? High mortality rates
What was John Law’s controversial method for populating the colony? Sending prisoners from French jails
Why did the Ursuline nuns come to the colony in 1727? To work in a hospital and to teach religion
Who were the casket girls? Young, marriageable, French girls
Which food source grew in importance after African slaves arrived in the colony? Rice
Why did rice become an important crop after the arrival of African slaves? Africans had grown this crop in their homelands
Who led the first expedition that explored the lands that became Louisiana? Hernando deSoto
Which country backed de Soto’s expedition? Spain
What was the result of de Soto’s first expedition? Interest in exploring the region declined
What was the goal of La Salle’s first expedition? To locate a trade route connecting French holdings with Asia
Why did Louisiana’s proprietary governor have trouble with the Native Americans? He refused to smoke the calumet
What was the name given to the set of laws established by Bienville to govern the conduct of slaves? Code Noir
Children born in the Louisiana colony were considered to be members of which ethnic group? Creoles
Who were engagés? Indentured servants
How did France’s war with England affect the Louisiana colony? Colonists began trading with the Spanish and English for supplies
Compare Cadillac’s treatment of the natives to that of Bienville? Cadillac frequently insulted or offended tribal leaders
What contributed to the difficulties experienced in the newly founded city of New Orleans? Hurricane
Why did Iberville name his first camp Point Mardi Gras? They reached the location of the camp on the date of the Catholic holiday
Why did Iberville and Bienville move the original colonial settlement from Fort Maurepas to a new location near Mobile Bay? Poor soil and flooding
Why were the French determined to control the mouth of the Mississippi River? The river was a central part of trade routes in North America
Created by: LovelyyBRJ
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