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Unit 5

Government 12

Duties of the president Commander in chief, appoints judges and agency leaders, chief diplomat, enforces laws, delivers state of the union address, party leader, chief executive, and head of the state
What is the presidents salary? $400,000
President Qualifications 35, natural born citizen, resident for 14 years
Unofficial Qualifications Prior public service, need to raise millions
25th Amendment Clarified who takes over when the president is incapacitated
Line of succession VP, speaker of house, senate president pro temp, secretary of state
Electoral college Group of 538 people that actually cast the official votes for president
How many electoral votes does MN have? 10
Inauguration Jan. 20
Frances Perkins First woman cabinet member
Rober weaver First African American cabinet head
Lauro F. Casavos First Hispanic
OMB Office of management and budget prepares the budget for the president following his advice
NSC National security council advices the president on military and foreign policy issues
Chief of staff Presidents top advisor, in on every meeting, controls presidents schedule
Press secretary Fields questions from the media every day
Bully Pulpit Describe the way the president can set the agenda or issues for america merely by speaking about something
Reprieves Postponement of a court ordered punishment
Pardon Full forgiveness and release from legal punishment
Inner Cabinet Secretary of state, defense, treasury, and the attorney general
Created by: KayleemWhite