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Imperialism practice of extending a nation's power by gaining territories for a colonial empire
bayonet constitution restricted King Kalakaua's power and deprived most Hawaiians of the vote (1887)
Open Door Policy Give all nations equal trading rights in China (1899)
spheres of influence geographic area where an outside nation exerts special economic or political control
yellow journalism reporting of exaggerated stories in newspapers to increase sales
Rough Riders a regiment organized by Theodore Roosevelt after he left his navy post
Battle of San Juan Hill 8,000 US soldiers fought to take control of Kettle and San Juan Hills (1902)
Platt Amendment Limited Cuba's ability to sign treaties with other nations
protectorate a country under the control and protection of another country
Foraker Act US would appoint Puerto Rico's governor and the upper house of its legislator
Roosevelt Corollary A change to the Monroe Doctrine that the US could intervene in the internal affairs of Latin-American nations
dollar diplomacy Policy promoting American economic interest
Mexican Revolution A revolution led by Francisco Madero in 1910
Tampico incident crew members of the USS Dolphin were arrested by soldiers loyal to Huerta
Battle of Veracruz Major conflict in the Mexican Revolution (1914)
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