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Ancient Civilization

Facts to study for final test

What did the Aztecs build to get around their capital city? causeways and canals
What kind of government did the Mississippian civilization have? chiefdoms
How was the llama used by the Incans? used to transport goods and used their wool for clothing
What farming technique did the Inca use to increase their farming land? terraced farming
What was the name for the floating gardens built by the Aztecs? chinampas
The city of Tenochtitlan was located atop what geographical feature? lake
What were the three main crops used by the Mississippians? corn, squash, + beans
What was the Mayan form of writing? hieroglyphics
What food preserving process did the Incans use? freeze-dried their potatoes
What was the most important tool to the Mississippians? chert hoe
What was the name for the long strands of knotted strings the Incas used to record information? quipu
Which empire was located in South America? Incan Empire
Which empire would be most interested in an usual alignment of the planets? Mayan Empire
What is the Mississippian civilization known as? Mound Builders
What was the chief food and crop for the Mayans? maize
Which empire is located on the Yucatan Peninsula? Mayan Empire
The Incan empire was located atop of what geographical feature? Andes Mountains
Where was the Mayan civilization located? the Yucatan Peninsula
What happened to the Aztecs as a result of contact with the Spanish? many of them got smallpox and died
Cahokia is a part of what empire? Mississippian Empire
Which civilization used rivers as trade routes? Mississippians
Which civilization invented the number zero? Mayans
Which civilization was located in present-day United States? Mississippian Empire
What is the capital city of the Incan Empire? Cuzco
Inca were called the master builders because of what two unique structures? roads and hanging bridges
Tikal is located in which empire? Mayan Empire
Which civilization used the symbol of an eagle with a serpent in its mouth, standing on a prickly pear cactus to determine where they were to settle? Aztec Empire
Which empire was located in Southern Mexico? Aztec Empire
Tenochtitlan belongs to which civilization? Aztec Empire
Created by: Anderson11