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Age of Exploration

chapter 3 vocabulary

merchant someone who buys or sells goods to earn money.
kingdom a place ruled by a king or queen.
caravan is a group of people or animals who travel together.
technology the use of scientific knowledge and tools to do things better and more rapidly.
navigation the science of planning and controlling the direction of a ship.
astrolabe tool that measures the height of the sun or a star above the horizon.
profit the money a business has left over after all of its expenses have been paid.
slavery a cruel system in which people are bought and sold and made to work without pay.
settlement a small community of people living in a new place.
epidemic an outbreak of disease that spreads quickly and affects many people.
circumnavigate to sail completely around something.
expedition a journey to achieve a goal.
conquistador is Spanish for conqueror.
empire many nations or territories ruled by a single group or leader.
colony ia an area ofland ruled by another country.
mission a religious community where priest taught Christianity.
convert to change a religion or a belief.
hacienda large farm or ranch, often with its own village and church.
revolt a violent upraising against a ruler.
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