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us in middle east lc

us in middle east

Who took responsibility for 9/11? Osama bin Laden
What group did Osama Bin Laden lead? Al-Qaeda
What year did the Persian Gulf War start? 1990
What year did U.S invade Afghanistan? 2001
What was Al-Qaeda? A group that Osama bin laden started and took credit for the attack on 9/11
Why did the United States get involved in the Persian Gulf war? They United States was very concerned about the attacks Suddam Hussien started
Why was Suddam Hussien killed? He got charged with war crimes and useing poised gas on the his people
Where was Suddam Hussiam found after he went into hideing? A hole underground
How many airplanes where involved in 9/11? 4
Who found Suddam Hussian while he was in hideing? U.S Navy Seals
How many years did it take to find Osama bin laden after 9/11? 10
Why did Suddam Hussian's army blow up the oil fields in Kuwait? To create a distraction to get out of Kuwait and so the U.S troops would not go up to Iraq
Iraq ordered to destroy all the_______? Weapons of mass distruction
What opperation was it called when the U.S troops joined Britian, Australia,and Poland? Opperation Iraqi freedom
What year was Suddam Hussian killed? 2006
What did Suddam Hussian accuse Kuwait of doing? Drilling oil under the boarder
Where did the first two plane crash? The World Trade Center
What did Osama bin Laden say he attacked the U.S on 9/11 for? Because he wanted all western ways out of the Middle East
Why did Suddam Hussian go into hideing? To protect him because he knew that the U.S troops were comeing for him
What year did U.S and allies attack iraqi? 1991
Created by: carter_lilly



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