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Texas History

Texas Political Culture, Texas Constitution, Federalism

Political Culture broadly shared values, beliefs, and attitudes about how govt should function
Moralistic belief that the govt should be active in promoting the public good and citizens should participate in politics
Individualistic belief that govt should limit its role to providing order in society, so that citizens pursue their economic interest
Traditionalist belief that govt should be dominated by political elites and guided by tradition
What political culture do these fall under? El Paso San Antonio Dallas Houston EP- T SA- M D -T H- I
Provincialism narrow, limited, and self-interested view of the world often associated with the rural values and notions of limited govt
NAFTA ( North American Free Trade ) treaty among the U.S, Canada, and Mexico to lower and eliminate tariffs among the three countries
Impresario individual who promotes, organizes, or helps to finance a particular endeavor
Poll Tax state-imposed tax on voters as a prerequisite for voting, was rendered unconstitutional by the 24th
Urbanization process by which people move from rural areas to cities
Elite small group of people that dominates the political process
Texas policy makers have increasingly viewed the Federal govt as encroaching unitary confederal federal
Confederal system in which regional govts have all authority with central institutions subordinate to the state or regional govts
Federalism govt which governmental power is divided and shared between a Natl and central govt and state or regional govts.
James Madison
Types of powers in Federal System Delegated Expressed Implied
Delegated Powers those that the constitution gives to the Natl govt ( Article 1, Sec 8 )
Expressed Powers directly stated in the constitution
Implied Powers delegated power that are necessary and proper for the govt to perform
Inherent Powers powers over and beyond those spelled out in the constitution, or which can be reasonably implied from express grants
Reserved Powers second group of powers in the federal system,
Concurrent Powers powers shared by both the Natl govt and the states
Examples of Delegated powers declare war, raise armies, coin money, enter to treaties
Petit Jury jury of your peers
Reserved Power Examples conduct elections, provide for the public health and safety, ratify constitutional amendments, state police powers
Concurrent Power Examples Borrow Money, levy taxes, make and enforce laws, est. courts, charter banks
Conflict the event that conflict should arise between federal and state law, the supremacy clause states that federal law must be followed
McCulloch vs. Maryland Federal govt wanted to place a Natl bank in MD, but MD said they cant just come in and put it in, but they can, MD was worried that the Natl bank would take away business away state local banks. MD threatened to tax Fed govt if they put the bank there
Dual Federalism 1789-1933 ( also called Layer Cake )
Four Features of Dual Federalism -Natl govt possesses enumerated powers only -The purpose that the Natl govt may constitutionally promote are few -The relation of the two levels of each other is one of tension -
10th Amendment Was the bulwark for dual federalism, many people believed the 10th limited powers of Natl govt , protects states, triple t member of house of reps, proposed adding the word "EXPRSESSLY"
Cooperative Federalism 1933-1964, period of great depression,replaced Dual federalism, the natl govt has used its powers to encourage the states to pursue certain people-policy goals
Creative Federalism 1964-1980, deal directly with sub-levels of govt( local govts ), wants to bypass the state
Categorical Grant 180 of a block grant, the earliest form of grant-in-aid
Block Grants specifically general purpose such as job tanning or community development but allows the state or local govt to determine precisely how the money should be spent
New Federalism 1980-Present( also called Competitive Federalism ), the more states compete with one another the more money states will receive ( Race to the top ), can also be referred to pine apple upside down cake
Deadwood events may outstrip detailed Constitutional Provision, leaving Deadwood that the voters must constantly approve amendments to remove
Constitution of the Republic of Texas 1836, Sam Houston was president in 1843,Senator 1845, and Guvnor 1859
Constitution of 1845 twice as long as Rep. of TX constitution, never wanted to go into deep debt, est. a Permanent School Fund
Constitution of 1861 almost identical to 1845, increased debt ceiling and prohibited the emancipation of slaves
Constitution of 1866 nullified sessions, abolished slavery, renounced confederate war debts
Constitution of 1869 voters elected 81 whites and 9 blacks to the constitutional convention in 1868, centralized state power, lengthened the chief executives term to 4 years, centralized the public school sysytem
Constitutional Convention of 1875 Texans wanted to strip power from state, cut salaries of officials, placed strict limits on property taxes and restricted state borrowing, stripped most of governors powers, reduced term of office from 4 to 2 years, length of sessions were limited
Texas Constitution today contains half of the bill of rights, reflects the American constitution, can always seek a remedy in Federal courts
The Plural Executive Divides executive powers among a number of independently elected offices, governor appoints the Secretary of state
Hierarchical arranged in order of rank
Created by: mitchjohnson1
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