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Indust. Revolution

Industrial Revolution and Reform

What were some of the major characteristics of the Era of Industrialism? Inventions, Population shift to Cities, Factory System, Reform Movements
What did industrialism lead to? The growth of cities
How did the construction of railroads and canals most benefit Northern Industry? faster, easier, cheaper movement of people and products
Railroads : Coal Smoke Urbanization : Air Pollution
Free enterprise enabled the United States to be? Less dependent on foreign products
Urbanization did nothing to help with this problem Nativism or acceptance of diversity
What was most responsible for the growth of industry in the 1800's steam power
Industrialization was helped by the mechanical reaper, the cotton gin, and the Bessemer steel process
the War of 1812 caused the U.S. to increase our own industry and our own manufactured goods, form the American Economic system
Adam Smith = Laissez-faire
the building of the railroad led to expanded opportunities for businesses
plantation system cotton gin, rich soil and long growing season, Triangle Trade
Steamboats = Wagon Trains = Traveling upriver migrating westward
Put the following in chronological order: I. Morse telegraph, II. Erie Canal opened, III. First successful steamboat, IV. War of 1812 Steamboat, War of 1812, Erie Canal, Morse Telegraph
What made the U.S. a top producer of steel Bessemer process
What did not directly increase the number of factories international slave trade
Economically, what did Great Britain never intentionally allow to assist the 13 Colonies set up an independent economy
How did the Erie Canal help the U.S. assisted commerce, because of faster transportation
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