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4th 6wks RC Test

Foreign policy issues faced by Washington Keeping the USA neutral during the war between Britain and France, Spanish threatened to close the port of New Orleans to USA shipping, British stirring up trouble between native Americans and settlers
XYZ affair In Adams presidency, the USA refused to pay bribes to France to meet with USA ministers
Washington’s Farewell Address occurred at the end of his second term, encouraged USA to stay out of the affairs of other countries, warned of the danger of political parties, country should remain neutral in war Britain and France war
Washington First President, Commander-in-Chief, served for 8 years
Whiskey Rebellion Farmers in Pennsylvania rebelled against a whiskey tax
Boston Tea party Colonists rebelled against a tea tax
Shay’s Rebellion Farmers in Massachusetts rebelled against taxes during Articles of Confederation
Alien and Sedition Acts Adam’s began taking away rights to protect presidency, people felt they were unconstitutional because the “sedition” part of the acts limited free speech against the government
Democratic-Republicans Political party that wanted states to have power and the National government to be weak; that the national government did not have too much power
Louisiana Purchase 1803, doubled the size of the USA, bought from France for $15 million
Lewis and Clark Jefferson told them to describe plants and animals, look for a water route to the Pacific, establish friendly relations with the Native Americans, Sacagawea helped them
Marbury v. Madison established Judicial Review; Adam’s appointing “midnight judges”
McCulloch v Maryland Supreme Court case that upheld federal authority by ruling that a state could not tax a national bank
Worchester v Georgia This was a Supreme Court ruling against Georgia removing the Cherokee; Jackson had them removed anyway.
Judicial Review Supreme Court determines constitutionality of laws, executive orders, and State laws
Embargo Act of 1807 eliminated trade between the USA and Europe, hurt American farmers and merchants worse than it hurt the Europeans
Causes of the War of 1812 British interference in USA shipping, British impressment of USA sailors, British in the Northwest Territory inciting Native Americans against settlers
Oliver Hazard Perry Led fighting on the Great Lakes during the War of 1812
Andrew Jackson USA leader for the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812
William Henry Harrison USA leader in Norwest during the War of 1812; defeated Native Americans
Effects of War of 1812 Increased patriotism, weakened Native American resistance, US Manufacturing increased
Effects of the Industrial Revolution manual labor and hand tools replaced with machines, factories brought workers together in one roof, people moved to areas where factories and mills were located
Star Spangled Banner Written during the Battle of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812
Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson became a national hero, increased American patriotism, pirates were part of the defense, unfortunately happened after the Treaty of Ghent was signed
Congress passed the Indian Removal Act Caused by Jackson believing Native Americans would be happier on the Plains, gold was found in Georgia, cultural conflict between Indian tribes and settlers, despite Supreme Court ruling against the removal President Jackson had the Indians removed
Whig Party developed from the Panic of 1837, the depression, and people blaming Van Buren for economic problems
Spoils System the new President distributes jobs to members of the President’s party
Sectionalism putting the interests of your state or region ahead of what was best for the nation
Created by: Patrick_56
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