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World War II

World War II VUS.11

When did World War II begin? 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland
What was the role of the US during the first two years of the war? The US remained neutral while Germany overran France and air-raided Britain
What was the Battle of Britain? air attack of Great Britain by Germany
What country did Hitler attack in mid-1941 The Soviet Union
What is the Lend Lease Act? The US gave Britain and other countries fighting against Axis Powers military supplies in exchange for military access to bases in the Caribbean
Who compared the Lend Lease Act to "Lending a garden hose to a next-door neighbor whose house is on fire?" Franklin D. Roosevelt
What two countries did Japan invade during the 1930s? Manchuria and China because it was after military and economic dominance in Asia
How did the US respond to Japan's Asian aggression? The US refused to recognize Japanese conquests in Asia and imposed an embargo on exports of oil and steel to Japan
When and where did the Japanese attack the US? December 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
What did President Franklin Roosevelt say about the attacks on Pearl Harbor? Called the attack "a date that will live in infamy"
Why did Germany declare war on the US? Hitler honored a pact he made with Japan
What were the Allied countries? Britain, France, USSR and US
What was the Allied Strategy? Defeat Hitler First (Europe) and Island Hopping (Pacific)
What is island hopping? Seizing islands closer and closer to Japan to launch air attacks on Japan
What was the Axis Strategy? Germany hoped to defeat USSR quickly, gain control of Soviet oil fields, force Britain out of the war before America could turn the tide
What countries did Japan invade following Pearl Harbor? Philippines and Indonesia with plans to invade Australia and Hawaii in hopes US would accept Japanese dominance and avoid a bloody, costly war
What happened at El Alamein in North Africa? German forces threatened to seize Egypt and the Suez Canal but were defeated by British and kept from accessing oil
What happened at Stalingrad? After a month of attacks, Germany lost thousands of lives and could not access USSR oil fields
What was the D-Day invasion? June 6, 1944, Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy France to begin Operation Overlord and free France from Germany occupation
Who planned the D-Day invasion? Dwight Eisenhower
Why is the Battle of Midway the turning point in the Pacific? American naval forces were victorious at ending Japanese threat of Hawaii and began a series of victories in the island hopping campaign
Why were the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa important? Brought American forces closer than ever to Japan despite the loss of thousands of American lives
What contributed to the heavy loss of Japanese life in Iwo Jima and Okinawa? Japanese soldiers committed suicide rather than surrender
Why did the President of the US order the use of the atomic bomb on Japan? to prevent horrendous causalities from a ground invasion of Japan
Who was the President who ordered the atomic bombs to be dropped on Japan? Harry S Truman
What two cities were leveled by the atomic bombs? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
How did African Americans serve in the war? Segregated military units and non-combat roles
Who were the Tuskegee Airmen African American fighter pilot unit in WWII
Who were the Nisei Regiment? Asian American intelligence unit with a high number of decorations
Who were Navajo Code Talkers? Natives who communicated via the Navajo oral, not written language to prevent the Japanese from breaking codes
What was the purpose of the Geneva Convention? to ensure humane treatment of prisoners of war
What was the Bataan Death March? American prisoners of war suffered brutal treatment by Japanese after the surrender of the Philippines
What is genocide? the systematic and purposeful destruction of a racial , political, religious or cultural group
What was Hitler's Final Solution? Germany's decision to exterminate all Jews (Poles, Slavs, Gypsies and others deemed undesirable)
What was the significance of the Nuremberg Trials? Nazi leaders were convicted of war crimes, the trials led to demand for a Jewish homeland
How did the government and industry allocate resources during WWII? rationing of products, war bonds to finance the war
How did the US organize military resources? the draft (selective service) was used to provide personnel for the military
How did women contribute to America's efforts during WWII? Women replaced men in the workforce (Rosie the Riveter) and in non-combat military roles
Why were Japanese Americans placed in internment camps? The strong anti-Japanese prejudice on the West Coast led to a false belief that they were aiding the enemy
How did the media assist Allied efforts during WWII? US government censored media coverage of the war and boosted morale with patriotic support through propaganda
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