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Imperialism WWI GD

Imperialism WWI Great Depression VUS.9, VUS.10

What war ensured America's role as a world power? World War I
What was the Open Door Policy? Secretary of State John Hay proposed a policy that would give all nations equal trading rights in China, ending spheres of influence
What was Dollar Diplomacy? President Taft urged American banks and businesses to invest in Latin America
What territories were annexed as a result of the Spanish American War? Puerto Rico, Philippines and Guam
What three areas of the world were an interest for American Imperialism? Asia, the Pacific and Latin America
How did the U.S. gain access to Panama to build a canal? Encouraged Panama to seek independence from Colombia
Why was the Panama Canal important to the U.S.? Transportation of navy and cargo from ocean to ocean quickly
Why was Hawaii important to American imperialists? Refueling station in the Pacific and agricultural promise for sugar
In what year did World War I begin? 1914
What are the MAIN causes of World War I? Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism
Why dd the U.S. remain neutral for three years? Strong sentiment to avoid getting involved in a European War
Why did the U.S. change its mind and get involved in World War I? Continued use of German unrestricted submarine warfare that led to American merchant ships being destroyed
What reason did Woodrow Wilson give for entering World War I? American wanted to "make the world safe for democracy"
What was the name given to Wilson's plan to eliminate the causes of war? Fourteen Points
What are the four key ideas of the Fourteen Points? Self-determination, freedom of the seas, League of Nations, and Mandate System
What international organization was formed to keep the world from future wars? League of Nations
Why was the League of Nations unsuccessful? The US did not join
How did the Treaty of Versailles deal with national boundaries? Redrew boundaries creating new nations and ethnic problems
Why did the US Senate reject the Treaty of Versailles? Objected membership in the League of Nations because it did not believe foreign policy decisions should be made by an international organization
What fueled the period of prosperity following WWI? New technology like the automobile and radio
What persuaded people to buy the new consumer goods? mass media advertising
How did the radio, movies and newspapers produce a national culture? reached a large number of people
What was the name given to women who challenged traditional roles in the 1920s? Flappers
What was the 18th Amendment? It prohibited the manufacturing and sale of alcohol
What was the result of Prohibition? organized crime and gangsters
What was the basis for the Scopes Trial? Conflict between fundamentalism (traditional christian views) and new scientific theories like evolution
What organization gained power because of racial tensions? Ku Klux Klan
What were the causes of the Great Depression? Overspeculation of stocks using borrowed moment that could not be repaid when the stock market crashed in 1929.
What was the effect of the Hawley Smoot Tariff? Strangled world trade by increasing the price of protective tariffs
What was the impact of the Great Depression? unemployment and homelessness, bank closings, political unrest, farm foreclosures and migration
Who was elected president in 1932? Franklin D. Roosevelt
What program did FDR create to change the role of the government to an active participant that solved problems of the people? The New Deal
Why did FDR say "We have nothing to fear, but feat itself?" He was trying to rally a frightened nation where one in four workers was unemployed
What were the three parts of the New Deal? Relief, Recovery, Reform
What did Relief measures provide? direct payment to people for immediate help (WPA-Works Progress Administration)
What did Recovery measures provide? bring the nation out of depression over time (AAA - Agricultural Adjustment Administration)
What did Reform measures provide? Corrected unsound banking and investment practices (FDIC- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)
What was the purpose of the Social Security Act? Offered safeguards for workers
What countries made up the Allied Powers? Britain, France, Italy, Russia and the United States
What countries made up the Central Powers? Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria
What event sparked the beginning of World War I? The assassination of the archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austria-Hungarian throne.
Created by: suireh
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