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Westward Exapansion

4-5 Westward Expansion Explorers

Who crossed the Appalachian Mountains, through the Cumberland Gap, to Kentucky? Daniel Boone
What trails expanded on the original Native American trails? The Wilderness Trail
What was Daniel Boone's reason for his exploration? He wanted to find more open land for settlement.
What did Daniel Boone create? The Wilderness Trail
What did the Wilderness Trail later become? The first National Road
True or False: Daniel Boone established the first U.S. settlement west of the Appalachian. True
What impact did Daniel Boone have on the United States? He purchased much of the land in Kentucky that was taken from the Cherokee.
What area did Lewis & Clark explore? The northeastern part of North America to the northwestern part.
What area did Daniel Boone explore? Kentucky
Who commissioned Lewis & Clark's expedition? Thomas Jefferson
What was the continuous water route connecting the northeastern part of North America to the northwestern part called? The Northwest Passage
What was the name of Lewis & Clark's Native American guide? Sacajawea
Lewis & Clark mapped an area across the continent to what ocean? Pacific Ocean
Lewis & Clark provided scientific information and specimens of what? Plants and animals
Lewis & Clark brought back information about ___________ ___________ that lived in the regions. Native Americans
What area did Zebulon Pike explore? The upper regions of the Mississippi River.
What place in Colorado is named in honor of Zebulon Pike? Pike's Peak
Created by: dsmfulton