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end of year ss final

study guide to the end of the year social studies final

tariff taxes on imports or exports
Jefferson and Lousiana Purchase, what did he think about it? He was very pleased with the Louisaian Purchase becauseif offered alot more land for the United STates
Lewis and Clark expedition expedition where two explorers set out to learn more about the west region
Embaro act (1807) law that prohibited american merchants from trading with other countries
Britians support of Native Americans they wanted to contain the rapid western growth of the u.s. to protect its interests in canada
Battle of Tippecaone U.S. victory over an indian confederation that wanted to stop white settlement in the Northwest Territory: increased tentions between britian and u.s.
War Hawks Members of congress who watned to declare war against britian in the early 1800s
Jackson vs. the 2nd national bank did n ot support it because of the nullification crisis
Battle of New Orleans Greatest U.S. victory in the war of 1812
Spolis system Politicians practice of giving government jobs to their supporters
Interchangable parts process developed by eli whitney in the 1790s that called for making each vital part of a machine exactly the same
Lowell mills Mills that hired young unmarried women in the 1800s to work at
Transportation revolution rapid growth in the speed and convenience of transportation in the united states beginning in the early 1800s
Cotton gin device invented by eli whitney in 1793 to seperate cotton plants fibers from the seeds, revolutionized cotton industry
Harriet Tubman one of the main layds in the underground railroad
Seneca Falls convention convention that helped women get more rights, leaders equal lucretiamott and elizabeth cady stanton
Know-noting party Political organization founded in 1849 by nativists who supported measures making it difficult for goreigners to become citizens and to hold office.
Temperance movement A social reform effort begun in the mid 1800s to encourage people to drink less alchohoal
American anti slavery society Group founded in 1833 by william lloyd garrison and others to work for immediate abolition and racial equality for african americans
manifest destiny belief shared by many americans in the mid 1800s that the united states was meant to expand across the continent to the pacific ocean
forty-niners people who migrated to california in search for gold
Richmond Virginia Main war area during the civil war that was destroyed
Emanicpation proclomation order issued by preisdent lincoln freeing the slaves in the areas rebelling against the Union/ took effect january 1, 1863
Rhode Island System system developed by samuel slater in the mid 1800s in which families were hired as textile workers
Kansas/Nebraska Act Law that allowed voters in the Kansas and Nebraska territories to choose wheter to allow slavery
Marbury v. Madison U.S. supreme court case that established the principle of judicial review
Siege military blockade of a city or fort
battle of gettysburg Union civil war victory that turned the tide against the confedereates at gettysburg, pennsyulvania
Created by: kevin b
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