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american revolution

why did england control trade in the colonies because england wanted to remain a wrold power
why did england imposed taxes on the colonists to pay the french and indiaan war and to help finance britsh soldiers in the colonies
who made th laws in the coloniets colonies legislatures
proclamation of 1763 restricted colonist from moving west of the appalachian mountains
england and the colonial were interdependent ( they needed each other) the colonies send england raw materials , england sent the colonies manufautured goods
what did colonial governors do they were appointed by the king to enforce the laws made by the legislatures
declaration of independence ( july 4 1776 ) states people have unalienable rights to life , liberty, and punrsuit of happiness. government if it violates thir rights
Key people Key people
thomes jefferson major author of declaration of independence
king gorge lll king of england during the REV. war
lord cornwallis british general who surrendered to washingoton at yorktown
george washington commander of the conental armey
patrick henry out spoken member of house of burgess * give me liberty or give me death* speach
paul revere leader of the boston tea party and wanted colonists of the british arrival
phillis wheatlley ( slaves ) wrote poems and plays supporting indepndence
sam adams leader of boston tea party
ben franklin *promint member of the continendental congress * helped frame the DEC. of inependence * helped grain french support for american independence
Rev war events Rev war events
boston massacre colonists in boston were shot after taunting british soldiers
boston tea party sam adams / paul revere led pariots inthrowing tea into boston harber to protest taxes
first continental congress delegates from all colonies ( except gorgia ) met to discuss problems with england and promot e indepence
lexington & concord first shots fired of the pevolutionary war
battle of saratoga this america victory was the turning point battle of thewar france and spain became allies after this battle
yorktown cornwallis surrendered to washington
treaty of paris england recognized the colonies independence
colonial advantages * strong leadership *additional support from france *defense of thir own land principles and beliefs
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