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Eastern Mediterranea

Chapter 17

Bedouins Arabic-speaking nomads who mostly live in the deserts of Southwest Asia
Diaspora the dispersal of the Jewish population
kibbutz large farm where people share everything in common
kosher means “fit” in Hebrew, it is a term used for food allowed under Jewish dietary laws
secular means that religion is kept separate from government
The Atlantic Ocean is on what Coast of the United States. East
The capital of the United States Washington, D.C.
The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island is located where? New York Harbor.
capital resources goods made and used to produce other goods and services
price the amount that people pay when they buy a good or service
income amount of money you earn or receive from different sources
account a record of money deposited or withdrawn from a bank
division of labor when workers perform part of a production task.
Success of commercial farming in the region relies heavily on what? irrigation
Phosphates are used to make fertilizers
Turkey shares a border with both the Mediterranean and the Black seas.
The _____ River begins in Syria and empties into the Dead Sea. Jordan
Which sea contains little life, only bacteria lives in the lake’s extremely salty water, it is the lowest point on any continent Be able to tell the difference between Gaza and the West Bank? Dead Sea
In what year did Palestine declare to be the nation of Israel? 1948
After what war did the British control Palestine? World War 1
Syria and Lebanon gained _________ in the 1940’s independence
Most Syrian Muslims are members of the _______ branch of Islam. Sunni
The country of _______ was created after World War I. Jordan
The Crusades was the series of invasions of Palestine launched by Christians from where? Europe
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