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chapter 6-7

s.s. chapter 6-7 vocab

Barbed wire twisted strands of fence wire with barbs at regular intervals
Bigotry the attitude, state of mind, or behavior characteristic of intolerance
Chain Migration migration that is caused by by the feedback from people who have already immigrated
Class System social structure where people share certain economic, social, or cultural characteristics
Communal of,belonging to, or shared by the people of a community
depression a period of low economic activity marked by rising levels of unemployment
draft required enrollment in the armed forces
dug out a pit dug into the ground or on a hillside and used as a shelter
Emancipation the act of being made free
exodusters name given to African Americans who migrated from states along the Mississippi River to Kansas in the late 19th century
Famine a drastic, wide reaching, food storage
irrigation the supply of water to land or crops to help growth, typically by means of channels
pacifist opposition to war or violence as a means of resolving disputes
sections a parcel or piece of land
sod house a home made from sod, or grass
tentant one who pays rent to use or occupy land, a building, or other property
depot a railroad station
dispatch a written message
incentive something that motivates an individual to perform an action
monopoly when only one company provides or produces a certain product or service activity
obsolete no longer in use
plat a map showing actual or planned features, such as streets, and building lots
quarantine enforced isolation
residential used or designed for the place where people live
retail the sale of goods in small quantities directly to consumers
subsidy financial assistance to a person or group in support of an enterprise that should help the public
substance having enough food or recourse to live
surplus an amount or quantity in success of what is needed
yield an amount produced
Abbie Bright someone who was born on a really famous farm
Benjamin ´pap¨ singleton American activist and businessman best known for his role in establishing African American settlements in Kansas
Fred Harvey entrepreneur who developed the Harvey House lunch rooms,restaurants,souvenir shops, and hotels
Chisholm Trail a trail used for in the post civil war era to drive cattle overland
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