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global studies test


What is a hemisphere? Half of the earth
How many distinct hemispheres are there? 4
Name the hemispheres Northern and southern eastern and western
The line at 0° latitude is the ________. It divides the northern and Southern Hemispheres Equator
The line at 0° longitude is the _______. It divides the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Prime meridian
The line at 180° longitude is known as the ________, And meets with 0° longitude at the north and South Pole. International date line
Latitude east and west and are sometimes called ______ Parallels
Longitude runs north and south and are sometimes called _______ Meridians
The special line found at 23.5° north is called the _____ Tropic of Cancer
The special line found at 23.5° south is called the _____ Tropic of Capricorn
In what hemispheres is Australia in? Southern and eastern
In what hemispheres is South America? Northern, Southern, and western
True false: The political map has State/Province names TRUE
True or false: The political map has information about the size of cities TRUE
True or false: the political map shows mountain ranges FALSE
True or false: the physical map shows city and town names TRUE
True or false: the physical map shows deserts TRUE
True or false: the physical map show state names FALSE
True or false: the physical map shows oceans TRUE
What are the seven continents Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, and Antarctica
List the world's oceans Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, arctic
Why is it impossible to create a perfectly accurate world map? There will always be distortion or interruption in the map
What is an alpha-numeric grid? A system of rows and columns overlaying the map with letters and numbers marking each. Helps find location
What is movement? The way of transportation to travel to that specific place
Describe region A division or area
Describe Human-environment interaction Change in the environment
Define and give it examples of absolute location. The exact location ex. Address
Define and give it examples of relative location. An area that houses or things are in ex. Country walk
Describe place Place describes location or what that specific location looks like
What is the purpose of a scale To show the distance of miles or kilometers on a map
What's the purpose of a key Describes what the symbols mean
What is the purpose of a compass rose Shows the direction something is facing or located on a map
What is the purpose of a title Shows what type of map you were looking at
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