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History Test 10

History Chapter 11

timber line a point beyond which trees cannot grow
snow line snow on the mountains all year long
highlands/alpine climate climate in high mountainous areas
Apennine Peninsula Rome is located on this peninsula
Italy What the Apennine Peninsula is called today
Alps; Appennines Mountain ranges of Italy
Po; Tiber Two major rivers of Italy
the Latins Settled on the Apennine Peninsula and built Rome
fine arts Greek culture influenced the Romans most in this area
Rome "City of the Seven Hills"
legend a story passed down from person to person, year after year, until the story is finally written down
a tunic, a toga, and sandals the three main items of clothing worn by Romans
a wax tablet, a stylus, and books or scrolls to read a Roman student's main school supplies
crop rotation to grow one kind of crop on a piece of ground for a while, then grow another kind of crop on that same ground
aqueduct a bridge used to carry fresh, clean water to the cities
patricians wealthy, distinguished family members. The only type of people who could hold high positions in the government or army
plebeians common people: farmers, peasants, and freed slaves. They could not hold public offices.
Carthage the north African city that was the rival of Rome
Punic Wars The name of the 3 wars between Rome and Carthage
Sicily The territory that Rome gained at the end of the First Punic War
Hannibal The Carthaginian general who challenged Rome during the Second Punic War; He used elephants in his weaponry.
Rome The victor at the end of the third Punic War
Pergamum Rome's first province in Asia
Julius Caesar's "crossing the Rubicon" means this committing a deed that can never be reversed
Octavian; Mark Antony Two men who fought for many years to be the ruler of Rome
Cleopatra Mark Antony's Egyptian ally
Octavian Became the ruler of Rome and was given the name Augustus when he became emperor
Augustus Means "the exalted"
Pax Romana The 200-year period of peace that followed the beginning of the Roman Empire
Daniel man who prophesied a powerful kingdom that would be "strong as iron"
Senate oldest and wisest men of Rome
Gaul What France was called at the time of the Roman Empire
consuls Roman rulers with equal power who each ruled for one year
Tropics another name for the torrid zone
dictator a man who has absolute rule and controls all the country's major decisions
Latin the language of the Romans
salt what the Romans spread on the surrounding land after they destroyed Carthage
Alps the largest mountain system in Europe
Greek the culture that influenced Romans the most
atrium located in the center of wealthy Romans' homes
census a government-sponsored count of the people in a province
concrete used to provide lasting strength to Roman buildings
toga an outer garment and a sign of Roman citizenship
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