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Art History -1800

artworkdate / artist
paleolithic hand axe 60,000 years ago
wall painting with horses 30,000 bce (france)
decorated ocher 77,000 years ago
bison 13,000 bce (france)
spotted horse and human hand 25,000 bce (france)
carved objects 12,000 bce (from isturitz)
bird headed man with bison 15,000 bce (lascaux caves)
woman from willendorf 24,000 bce (austria)
woman from dolni vestonice 23,000 bce
woman from brassempouy 30,000 bce
woman spinning 8th century bce
reconstruction drawing of mammoth-bone house 10,000 bce
nanna ziggurat 2100 bce
votive statue of gudea 2090 bce
head of a man 2300 bce (nineveh)
stele of naram-sin 2254 bce
stele of hammurabi 1750 bce
clay tokens fourth millennium bce (iran)
Assurnasirpal II Killing Lions. 875 bce
stenciled hand 23,000 bce (france)
the palette of narmer 2950 bce (early dynastic period)
great sphinx 2520 bce (giza)
menkaure and a queen 2490 bce (giza)
ti watching a hippopotamus hunt 2450 bce (saqqara)
hatshepsut kneeling 1473 bce (deir el-bahri)
colossal figure of akhenaten (from early in akhenaten's reign)
step pyramid and sham buildings
ashokan pillar 246 bce (maurya period)
lion capital 250 bce (maurya period)
great stupa, sanchi 150 bce
standing buddha 2nd century ce (kushan period)
nike of samothrace 180 bce
parthenon, acropolis 432 bce (kallikrates and iktinos)
east pediment of the parthenon 432 bce
lapith fighting a centaur 432 bce
anavysos kouros 530 bce
kritios boy 480 bce
spear bearer 450 bce (polykleitos_
peplos 530 bce
aphrodite of knidos 350 bce (praxiteles)
venus de milo 150 bce
old woman 1st century ce
ajax and achilles 530 bce by exekias
etruscan temple
reclining couple on a sarcophagus from cerveteri 520 bce
portunus temple 2nd century bce
pont du gard 1st century bce
colosseum 80 ce
patrician carrying portrait busts of two ancestors 1st century ce
middle aged flavian woman 1st century ce
the arch of titus 81 ce
caracalla 3rd century ce
house church at dura-europos before 256 (syria)
Created by: kyungsoo
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