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Who would it it take pressure off of if the Americans & British opened up a second front by attracting Germany from the west ? Soviet Union
The bombing campaign between January 1943 and may 1945 caused a servers shortage of what in Germany? Oil shortage
What was a central purpose of the office of war information? Improving the publics understanding of the war
How much money did president Reagan grant to the Japanese Americans that were interned during WWII in 1988? 50,000 per person
What was introduced by 2 members of congress as a result of France surrendering to Germany in June of 1940 to get more soldiers? Selective service and training act
What African American Military unit was commended during for its service during the battle of the bulge ? The 761st tank battalion
What did the double V mean? Victory over Hitler's racism abroad a victory over racism at home
Why did U.S. Marines have severe casualties at Tarawa Because the shallow reef prevented many landing craft from reaching shore
Why did Rossevelt create the fair employment practices commmision? To end discrimination in hiring workers
Where did the Bataan death March occur?? The phillipines
Where did the Nazis meet in 1942 to make plans for the final solution of the Jewish question? The wansee conference
Where were the allied soldiers evacuated from off the coast of France ? Duncker
What was the air battle between the German Luftwaffe and the British Air Force become known as? Battle of Britain
Who was the leader of the 1936 rebellion in Spain that quickly became a civil war? Francisco Franco
What was Joseph Stalin trying to do in 1928 in the Soviet Union? Trying to industrial
What was Roosevelt trying to do with his four freedoms speech? Shift public opinion on helping Britain
What did Nuremberg Laws do? Took citizenship away from Jews
Migrant farm workers became an important part of the southwests agricultural system as a result of what? The Brocero program
What happened as a result of the allied attack on Sicily The Italian King arresteci Mussolini
How did the success of the Tuskegee air men and other African American units influence U.S. Military policy? Truman fully immigrated in the war
What did Japanese Military officers believe that democracy was in the 1930s On Japanese and bad for country
What did Roosevelt use the lend lease act to get around? Neutrality act, to get around it
Who did Hitler put the blame on for the loss of WW1 The Jews
Why did Stalin Agree to a non aggression pact with Germany? Would turn Germany against Britain/France and leave Soviet Union alone
When didn't the French & British and French realize that the appeasement withwith Germany had failed? When Hitler attacked Poland
How did the cost plus system speed up war production? Providing profits larger profits for companies to work together .
How were Liberty ships able to produce so quickly? Because they assembled from prefabricated parts.
Why did Roosevelt decide to invade morocco and Algeria In order to help British troops fight the war in Egypt.
What was Rosie Riveter a symbol of? A campaign to hire women to work in factories during the war.
Created by: Ipena210
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