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History Quiz

Royal proclamation, The Quebec act

When did Britain issue a royal proclamation? On October 7, 1763
What was the purpose of the royal proclamation? To organize the North American territories that had been gain by Britain in the Treaty of Paris
What was the unstated goal of the royal proclamation? To keep peace with First Nations and to assimilate the French in Quebec to British ways (have French adopt the British culture)
The British law was to be established where? In the colonies
If the British law was established, then what would the French have to give up? Their laws
The governor was to organize a general assembly, which could include ______ _______, to help make laws for the colonies. French Catholics
Who was the only one that could negotiate to obtain the large area of land in the west? The British Crown
Who wanted to control how and when First Nations territories were settled? Britain
Anyone wanting to trade with the First Nations needed what? A license from the governor of their colony
What did Britain want to avoid by controlling settlers' relationships with First Nations? Conflict
Define Loyalists People living in the United States during the American Revolution who wanted to remain loyal to Britain and who left the Untied States after the end of the Revolution.
Define Land Claims Requests by First Nations for compensation for land improperly used or taken
Define Assimilate When a person or group adopts a new culture, usually one that surrounds them
in order to meet the goal in the royal proclamation what had to be closed? the Ohio Valley
What did Britain hope for new settlers looking for new land? They would come to Quebec.
Who had taken the best land in Quebec? The French speaking Catholics
Who didnt think it was worth moving to the North? Virginia and North Carlina
Why were the Colonists in Quebec unhappy? The British merchants complained and wanted more rights than the French.
When was Sir Guy Carleton appointed to replace James Murray? 1766
When was the Quebec act passed? October 7, 1774
/in 1766 who was appointed to replace Murray as Governor? Carlton
What did Carlton recommend to the British? To allow French in Quebec to have their own language, religion and civil laws.
What caused the Quebec Act? Carlton recommended Britain not become allies with the 13 colonies and allow them to keep their language, laws and religion
When was the Quebec Act passed? Oct 7, 1774
What is 1 key point of the Quebec act? Quebec's boundaries were extended south into the Ohio Valley
What is 2nd key point of the Quebec act? The french language and roman catholic religion was allowed in Quebec
What is the 3rd key point in the Quebec act? The catholic church in Quebec was allowed to continue to collects tithes
What is the 4th key point in the Quebec act? The Seigneurial landholding system including the fees tenants payed to seigneurs would continue
What is the 5th key point int he Quebec act? The colony was to be governed by British criminal law but French civil and property laws
What is Tithe? A tax used to support the church
When did the Thirteen colonies declare their independence? between 1763-1776
Who struggled to keep their Empire together? Britian
Why did the British Government start to pass laws that affected the colonies ? They struggled to keep their Empire together
What are tithes? A tax used to support a church
What was one of the laws the British Government passed? The STAMP ACT
When was the STAMP ACT passed?. 1765
What was the STAMP ACT? Required colonists to pay a tax on every piece of printed paper they used
What did the STAMP ACT support? Defending the colonies
Why was the STAMP ACT cancelled? The colonies boycott British goods and caused an outrage
when was the STAMP ACT cancelled? 1766
What is the Boston Tea party? The colonist boarded the British ships and dumped their tea in the harbor.
What was the cry for revolution? No taxation without representation
What act made the Thirteen colonies ANGRY? The Quebec Act of 1774
What was the Act of 1774? The Ohio Valley was given to Quebec
Why did the Act of 1774 make the Thirteen colonies Angry? Because the colonies wanted the Ohio Valley and instead Quebec got it.
What was the Continental Congress? A meeting held by the thirteen colonies to discuss their plans
Who did the thirteen colonies invite to the Continental Congress meeting? Nova Scotia and Quebec
In 1775 who was in the verge of revolt? The thirteen colonies due to losing the Ohio Valley land
Created by: rcleland
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