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History, Beliefs, Values, Symbols, Figures

What is the main problem of human life for a Hindu? ignorance of our divine interconnectedness
How do Hindus view the nature of reality? There’s only one world, with all things united; separateness is an illusion
Approximately when did Hinduism start? 1500 BCE
moksha freedom from reincarnation and illiusion
Who is Vishnu? the preserver and maintainer
Who is Lord Brahma? the creator who represents the four Vedas
Who is Kali? the destroyer and goddess of time
What is the origin of the word 'Hindu'? Sindu - -> sanskrit for 'river'
Indus Valley Civilization (2500 CE - 1500 CE) evidence of ritual bathing, animal sacrifice, and deity worship, achieved highest standard of living at the time
Vedic Period (1500 BCE - 500 BCE) Vedas, caste system, Brahmin priests
The Way of Works (1500 BCE - 900 BCE) rules and rituals are signified and incorporated
The Way of Knowledge (900 BCE) more heavy emphasis on intent, developing belief with sacred, and finding peace and oneness with everything
Epic Period (500 BCE - 500 CE) Epics/stories originate; incorporating ideas about goals of life, reincarnation, and developing an impersonal sacredness (Brahman)
Medieval Period (500 CE - 1500 CE) focusing on one god (Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, etc.), making offering to them, building large and decorative temples
What was the logic behind caste system (during Vedic Period) and how did it originate? The Dravidian culture which began in Indus Valley developed over time and thought that the caste system was beneficial for the religion AT that time period.
What do Hindus believe to be 'sacred'? Brahman, to them, is all knowing and aware of everything. Everything comes from it ( and is part of it).
How do Hindus view the world? They believe that the world is filled with illusion ('maya'); reality is not as it seems...
samsara the repeating cycle of life
yoga actions to attain moksha: meditation, community service, obtaining knowledge, devotion
karma the idea that actions in this life will affect you in the next life
The Hindu trinity consists of... Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva
Hanuman Monkey god of devotion
Shiva destroyer and transformer
Ganesha the god of wisdom and beginnings
Saurabhi mother of cows and prosperity
Created by: nnaseem98
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