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Chapter 19

The Gilded Age

Gilded Ages "Coated with a thin layer of gold" A term to describe the corruption going on in polotics
Referendum A way for people to vote directly on a proposed new law
Muckracker Term for a crusading jounalist
Grover Cleveland Set up ways to deal with the regulations of the RR by setting up the ICC
Civil Service System that includes most government jobs except elected positions, the judiciary, and the military
Recall Process by which people may vote to remove an elected official from office
Benjamin Harrison Became president and set up the Sherman Antitrust Act. Prohibited trusts and other businesses from limiting competition
Initiative Process that allows voter to put a bill before a state legislature
Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) Was the government agency set up to observe the Railroad (RR) industry
Patronage Giving government jobs for political support
Federal Reserve Act Set up a nation wide system of federal banks. Gave the federal government the power to raise and lower interest rates
Federal Trade Commission FTC had the power to investigate companies and order them to stop using business practice
Robert LaFollette Implemented his Wisconsin idea lowered RR rates which helped RR owners and consumers
Chester Arthur Became president upon Garfield's death. Used the spoil system to move up the political system
Progressive What reformers called themselves
John Dewey A progressive educator who wanted schools to promote reform
Graduated Income Tax Method of taxation that taxes people at different rate depending on income
Boss Tweed Political boss form NYC (New York City) that cheated NY out of $100 million
Public Interest The good of the people
Ida Tarbell A writer- Muckraker who targeted the unfair practices of big business
Upton Sinclair Author of The Jungle, who revealed the bad detail about meatpacking industries
James Garfield President in 1881 and his goal was to allow people to receive government jobs on the basis of merit, not political rewards
Primary Election in which voters, rather than party leaders, choose their party's candidate
William Howard Taft secretary of war, became president and was quiet and cautious. supported Progressive caused. -Broke up trust
Woodrow Wilson Was picked to run for the 1912 election by democrats. The split helped Wilson win the election
Bull Moose Party A new progressive party to challenge republicans and democrats. Theodore Roosevelt becomes the nominee to run against his former VP William Taft
Pure Food and Drug Act Passed in 1906 by Congress that required food and drug makers to list ingredients on package. Tried to end false advertising
Square Deal Roosevelt in the 1904 election promised farmers and consumer workers and owners - should have an equal opportunity to succeed
Theodore Roosevelt Was a reform minded candidate that was the Vice President. William McKinley became president when McKinley was assassinated
National Park Natural area protected and managed by the federal government
Trustbusters Person working to destroy monopolies and trust
Conservation Protection of natural resources
Florence Kelly Investigated conditions in sweatshops
Prohibition Ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol
Suffragist People who worked for women's right to vote`
19th Amendment Guaranteed women the right to vote
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Worked to gain rights for African Americans
Carry Nations Was a radical temperance leader Husband died from drinking
Alice Paul Suffragist pushed for constitutional amendment Arrested for protesting
18th Amendment Made it illegal to sell alcoholic drinks in the US
Temperance Movement The reform movement against the use of alcoholic beverages
Lynching Murder by a mob
Parochial School School sponsored by a church
Frances Willard Became the leader of the Women's Christian Temperance Union Worked to educate people on evils of alcohol
Carrie Chapman Catt School principle and reporter before she became the head of the National American Women Suffrage Association
Barrio A Mexican ethnic neighborhood where they preserved language and culture
Ida B. Wells An African American journalist that published statistics about lynching
Society of American Indians Worked for social justice and tried to educate other Americans about Indian life
Mutalists Aid group that pooled money to buy insurance and pay legal service
Gentlemen's Agreement (1907) Japan agrees to curb the number of workers coming to US and in return the US allows the wives of Japanese men to join them
Booker T. Washington Stressed living in harmony with whites, founded the Tuskegee institute which taught trades for African Americans
W.E.B. DuBois Disagreed with Washington's approach. 1st African American to earn a Ph.D from Harvard University
George Washington Carver Discovered hundreds of new uses for peanuts and other crops
Anti-Semitism Prejudice against jews
New Freedom Wilson's program to break up trust into smaller companies to spur competition
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