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lms history

mrs t's 6.4 - 6.7 Jackson part 2

national road ran from Cumberland Maryland to Wheeling Virginia, then expanded further west
Erie canal a man-made waterway connecting the Great Lakes to the Mohawk and Hudson rivers
Oregon Trail a route that led from Independence Missouri to Oregon Country
annex to add on
Tejanos people of Mexican descent born in Texas
Dictator a ruler with absolute power
Mexican Cession the land that Mexico had to give to the United States, made up of present day California, and New Mexico
Forty-niners traveled to California in search of gold
manifest destiny a belief that the United States had the right to spread across the continent
Santa Fe Trail a route from Franklin Missouri to Santa Fe
Cede to give up
James Polk wanted to add Texas and Oregon to the Union, the eleventh president
Brigham Young founded Salt Lake City, first governor of Utah, and a Mormon leader
Gadsden Purchase purchased from Mexico to complete a railroad
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo ended the war with Mexico
Where was the Mormon settlement located In Utah, near the Rocky Mountains and the Great Salt Lake
The MOST significant result of the Erie Canal construction was commerce benefited from means of faster transportation
All of the trails west had this in common they offered a route through the Rocky Mountains
Which European country claimed part of Oregon territory with the United States? Britain
The Mexican Cession led to the payment of $10 million to Mexico annexation of Texas, New Mexico, and what other state Arizona
What reflects the concept of Manifest Destiny the annexation of Texas
The Mexican Cession included land that now make up what part of the United States the southwestern part
The United States made the Gadsden Purchase to secure the best route for a transcontinental railroad
The United States acquired the Oregon Territory when a treaty divided the United States and British claims to the land
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo did NOT give Mexico control of Texas
An American farmer would most likely support the U.S. expansion across the continent or manifest destiny's promise of economic opportunity
Control of territory from coast to coast, European interest in Oregon, and new markets for American goods are all part of reasons for Manifest Destiny
During the 1840's, the belief in manifest destiny was a major cause of conflicts between the United States and neighboring countries
Northern opposition to the annexation of Texas was mainly caused by resistance to the spread of slavery
The National Road led to environmental modifications which resulted in improved transportation to western states and expansion of trade and settlements
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