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US constitution

Who is in charge of writing laws? Legislative Branch
What branch is in charge of reviewing lower- court decisions? Judicial Branch
What branch reviews laws and determines if they are unconstitutional or not? Judicial Branch
Who's in charge of ratifying treaties? Legislative Branch
Who conducts foreign policies? Executive Branch
Who confirms presidential appointments? Legislative Branch
Who declares war? Legislative Branch
Who commands armed forces? Executive branch
Who negotiates treaties? Executive Branch
Who appoints ambassadors and other officials? Executive Branch
Who grants money? Legislative Branch
Who carries out laws? Executive Branch
What did the 13th amendment do? Abolished Slavery
What did the 14th amendment cover? Citizenship and equal protection
What was guaranteed with the 15th amendment? voting rights for citizens (only males)
What was the 18th amendment doing? prohibition of alcohol
What was guaranteed with the 19 amendment? universal women's suffrage (right to vote)
What did the 21st amendment do? repealed the 18th amendment
What was allowed with the 26th amendment? Anyone who was 18 or older could vote
If the President enters into a treaty with another nation, but it never goes into effect what would explain this? The senate failed to approve it.
What roles or "hats" does the President of the U.S. have to fulfill? Chief or head of political party Chief or head of State Chief or head diplomat Chief or head of foreign policy Commander-in-chief of military Chief or head of economy Chief or head legislator
What rights are in the First Amendment? Freedom of: Speech, Assembly, Religion, Petition and Press
What rights are in the 2nd Amendment? The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
What rights are found in the 3rd Amendment? Right not to quarter troops in our homes.
What does to 4th Amendment do? Says the government can't arrest a person, search his home or take his belongings without a warrant.
What freedoms does the 5th Amendment give you? 1. People accused of a crime have the right to be formally accused by a Grand Jury. 2. Protection against double jeopardy 3. Due process of law.
What rights do you get from the 6th Amendment? 1. Right to a speedy trial. 2. Right to have an attorney (lawyer) even if you can't afford one. 3.Right to witnesses
What does the 7th Amendment deal with? Civil Trials cases involving more than $20.
What is protected in the 8th Amendment? 1. Protection against cruel and unusual punishments. 2 Protection against excessive bail and fines being set.
What does the 9th Amendment protect? Freedoms not specifically listed in the Bill of Rights.
What does the 10th Amendment protect? It is the Federalism amendment. It protects the rights that belong specifically to the states. Also specifies which rights belong to the Federal gov't and which power are shared between the two.
What is another name for Federal Government powers under federalism? Delegated powers
What is another name for State Government powers under federalism? Reserved powers
What is another name for shared powers under federalism? Concurrent powers
What is the process used to change the Constitution? Amendments
What do the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments have in common? They all deal with rights given to African Americans after the end of slavery.
What is another name used for the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments? Civil War or Reconstruction Amendments
What is the difference between a duty and a responsibility when dealing with Citizenship in the U.S.? A duty you must do or there is a penalty by law. A responsibility you should do, but there is no punishment if you do not.
Miranda v. Arizona and Gideon v. Wainwright dealt with what issues Rights of accused people
Brown v. Board of Education dealt with what issue? Desegregation of public schools.
What did the case of Miranda v. Arizona provide for citizens? That your rights must be read to you when you are being arrested.
What rights did Tinker v. Des Moines and New Jersey v. TLO make clear? Rights students have in school.
Which amendment in the Bill of Rights did Tinker v. Des Moines concentrate on? 1st Amendment - Freedom of Speech
What constitutional idea came about because of Brown v. the Board of Education? Equal protection under the law. 14th Amendment
What is Judicial Review? When the Supreme Court hears and rules on a case to declare it constitutional or unconstitutional.
What determines how many representatives a state gets in the House of Representatives? The states population
Which Amendment prohibited the sell of Alcohol in the United States? 18th Amendment
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