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Aircraft Carriers An aircraft carrier is a large ship that has a long, flat deck on which planes land on.
Atomic Bomb An atomic bomb is an explosive weapon that causes great destruction.
Barracks A barrack is a building used to house people temporarily.
Defense Industries The defense industry is made up of businesses that produce weapons and other equipment for fighting in wars.
Gas Chambers A gas chamber was a room that was filled up with poison gas to kill people.
Holocaust The holocaust was the mass murder of Jews and other people during World War 2.
Internment Camps An interment camp was a place where japanese americans living in the west coast were sent and held as prisoners by the government during World War 2.
Liberated To liberate means to set free.
Pacifism Pacifism is the belief that wars are wrong and that disbutes should be settled peacefully.
Rationed To ration is to limit the amount of items allowed.
Recycling To recycle means to make an item fit to be used again.
Stategy A strategy is a plan for winning a war.
Zionism Zionism is the belief that jews should have theif own country in palestine, or present day israel.
Arms Race The arms Race is a competition between countries to build the largest military forces.
Berlin Airlift The berlin airlift was a mission by the united states and great britain to deliver supplies to west berlin by plane when the soviet union would not allow supplies to come in by land.
Cold War The Cold War was a political and economic struggle between the united states and the soviet union that lasted from 1945 until about 1989.
Containment Containment was president harry truman's policy to keep communism from spreading.
Iron Curtain The iron curtain was a term that described the political division between eastern and western europe during the cold war.
McCarthyism McCarthyism named for Senetor Joseph McCarthy is the policy of falsely accusing people of working against the government.
Satellite A satellite is an object that orbits the planet.
Superpowers A superpower is a powerful nation, such as the united states, whose actions and policies affect many other countries.
Truce A truce is an agreement between enemies to stop fighting.